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Why choose a natural hair wig?
Why choose a natural hair wig?

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Why choose a natural hair wig?

Interested in using one of those headband wigs? Want to change your head but you hesitate between a wig in natural hair and a synthetic wig? To tell the difference, a natural wig offers many more benefits than synthetic fibers. In addition, these are high-end products from human hair. However, they are high maintenance and heavier than synthetic wigs. This article will explain the reasons for choosing a natural hair wig.

A very natural look of the natural hair wig

Natural hair wigs give optimal results with a 100% natural look. This is why they are very popular over other types of wigs. Indeed, it is impossible to have such an effect with synthetic wigs. Unlike the latter, natural wigs are of excellent quality, so they keep longer. The materials used to make synthetic fibers are industrial in origin and degrade easily over time. However, the hair that makes up a natural wig is carefully processed and put together. If you are having trouble finding your real hair wig for women, visit specialized sites that offer models suited to your color and taste.

Unparalleled quality

Another advantage of betting on a natural wig is its superior quality compared to other types of wigs. These top-of-the-range hair prostheses, which once fitted become completely undetectable. Their price is therefore quite expensive than synthetic wigs. They are made of very good quality natural and fluid wicks, carefully assembled. The “Full Lace”, “Lace Front”, and “Highlight Wigs” models are a perfect illustration of this. These are very popular because the results are very satisfactory. The “Lace wig” is hair fixed manually on a very fine fabric base called tulle which adheres either on the whole head or at the level of the forehead only. For a more aesthetic hold, the tulle accentuates the impression of a real scalp.

The possibility of coloring the wig

A big advantage that natural wigs offer you is the ability to dye them. This is not the case with a synthetic wig because it already has a permanent color. So, if you want to change the color of your wig to your liking, don’t go for a synthetic wig. On the other hand, you can offer yourself a wide choice of different dyes by opting for natural. In addition, they also have the advantage of giving the hairstyle that you want to have. Straight or curly, anything goes with natural fiber wigs. However, the temperature of the heating devices must be moderated so as not to damage the hair fibers.

Very easy to maintain

It is important to note that it is maintained regularly like your own hair. But that does not prevent its maintenance from being less tedious than that of a synthetic wig. A big plus if you want to keep your hair prosthesis longer. However, when washing, it is still important to be careful to avoid damaging the fibers. It is best to use mild shampoos and specially adapted care kits. Use only wide tooth combs. Here are some important points:

Make sure you comb the wig before washing it and use a special wire comb. Comb the wig from top to bottom and avoid using a regular comb as this will damage the fibers of the wig.

Choose a shampoo specifically designed for wigs so you don’t damage the fibers. Gentle shampoo is the right choice. The trick, simply soak the wig for 30 minutes in cold water that has been given a solution of shampoo, wipe the wig from top to bottom and never twist or squeeze the wig hard. And the important thing to remember, do the wig washing after use as much as 15 to 20 times. Washing your wig too often isn’t good either. After washing the wig, dry it with a dry towel. Wipe with a towel slowly and then just aerate. Do not use a hairdryer because it will damage the wig.

To maintain the shape of the wig, attach the wig to a special mannequin. If you have to take it on a trip, put the wig in a special mesh bag for wigs. In fact, rolling the wig will not damage the shape of the wig. Instead, the bag serves to protect the wig from dust.

Finally, avoid brushing your wig when it is wet at all costs.

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