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Gionee Watch 4

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Where to find the best replacement watch bands for fitbit

Fitbit has lived up to its name and is now considered a giant in the fitness industry. One of the best models of fitbit is the “charge” and now we have charge 2 and charge 4 available in the market. You can easily get them. This wristband helps you with your fitness, you can keep track of your exercise.

Different watch bands

However, the original watch bands seem too boring to some people. Usually, girls don’t like plain and slid things. They look for unique pattern designs and sparkly looks in things. However, the original fitbit watch bands are nothing like this.

Therefore, there are now various designs and materials available for watch bands. You don’t like the original one? Change it. You are wearing a new dress and wish to match your band with it, do it. There are all the possibilities in this regard.

You can buy fitbit bands online from They have a range of designs, patterns and materials available. For example, you can get a waterproof replacement strap or a slim silicone one. All the designs vary with the model you are looking for. So even if you want to buy something for fitbit versa or charge or their different models, you can get them.

Here are some of the materials available for watch bands that are available in the market;

  1. A classic material, which is actually a POY silicon
  2. Melaya metal band made from mesh metal
  3. Hotodeal leather band made from original leather
  4. Some fabric materials that include Baylite Canvas
  5. Yonworth elastic to get boho vibes
  6. Silicon or resin bands
  7. Nylon material for sportsmen

All these materials allow you to get the replacement according to your needs. For example, you want something that goes well with your dress on the beach. The Baylite canvas or other fabric bands would be the best choice.

Likewise, swimmers would need some waterproofing. Therefore, a waterproof replacement will go well during their swimming time. Similarly, sportsmen can wear woven nylon or wonmille bands during exercise. These materials are suitable during such times as they are soft and stretchable.

While going out for a part with friends, you can change the band with a metallic one. This will complement your look instead of making you look like a fitness freak.

Finding your band

Of course, you will have various choices available in the market. But the question is which replacement would be the best for you? Furthermore, how can you get the right replacement band for yourself?

We will help you find that out.

1 – Where you are buying from?

The first question is where do you choose to buy your replacement band from? The brand should be trustworthy. However, it is also possible that you might get to an unknown sopping site. They usually have amazing designs with a wide range. The only problem is that the platform should be authentic.

Gionee Watch 5

Because such platforms are often misused to rob you of your money. You won’t get a quality product. Therefore, to make sure that you get the product that you are paying for, you should check the reviews. Although review checking is a basic thing in online shopping but it becomes even more important for unknown platforms.

So check out the reviews from previous customers. It is best to buy something that has around 50 or more reviews. And also, the reviews should be positive. Someone might get a faulted product, therefore, you should look for a 4 plus star rating. In this way, you will be able to get what you want.

2 – Material of the band

After checking the shopping platform, the next thing you need to do is to finalize the band you want. There will be a number of choices and you will eventually get confused. Because we want to get a lot. Therefore, it is best to know what you are looking for.

If you are interested in buying a replacement for your Fitbit, you must have something in your mind. For example, you need to make it look like a normal watch because of your office job. Or you want to compliment your party look. The material requirement for different events is different.

If you are a swimmer, you will need a waterproof replacement band so that you can keep track. Therefore, you should find the reason why you want a replacement. This will narrow down your search and will make it easier to find your band.

3 – Look out for size options

Of course, there are sizes available. Therefore, you should be even more careful while buying it. Instead of selecting a size, you should rather choose the adjustable one. Thus, you can make it fit you perfectly. Otherwise, you will have to send it back to get your right size, which will be even time taking. So you should play it safe.

4 – The colors and your use

Apart from the material, the color choice is also of quite an importance. You will choose a color that can complement your dress and other accessories. You would never want the Fitbit to stand out and make your look a combination of different personalities.

For example, you are an office worker with a desk job, would you like to wear neon colors? Of course, not. Likewise, you won’t wear anything that goes against the dress code. Therefore, it is important to look for color options. You should get the colors depending upon your use.

Neutral colors are the best choice for office workers. Likewise, neon colors go well with sportsmen, only if they like them.

Similarly, having metallic replacement bands is not for everyday use. You can keep them if you often attend parties. Because whether it’s for girls or boys, metallic bands will give a premium and classy look. Likewise, you can also get fabric bands for other dresses.

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