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Where to Buy Plain Silk Sarees
Where to Buy Plain Silk Sarees


Where to Buy Plain Silk Sarees?

Silk sarees are the jewel on the crown, an outfit that could never let you down! If you’re under the assumption that a plain silk saree is too boring, think again! With ethnic fashion trends taking over the world, very few garments can be styled in as many unique styles as a beautiful silk saree.

You can adorn a silk saree for almost any occasion, with a few simple styling tips in mind. Since silk sarees are often quite grand, you’ll need to keep in mind tricks to hold the saree in place as well. Once that’s covered, you can get started on the best part: accessorizing your look with chic jewelry, royal blouses, and iconic footwear!

Tips and Tricks to Glam up Your Silk Saree

There are many ways to style your wedding saree, but silk sarees aren’t only meant for weddings! This article discusses the best ways to style your plain silk saree for any occasion!

  1. Pick Matching Jewelry: When it comes to Indian jewelry, it can be extremely hard to choose a few to go with your outfit. However, with silk sarees, picking delicate jewelry adds a soft and well-balanced look. Especially if you pick a heavily embroidered blouse or wear a heavy saree like the Banarasi silk saree, wearing light jewelry is key.

However, if your saree is very simple, you can jazz up the look with heavy earrings and a heavy, choker necklace. If you’re looking to dress up for a cocktail party, keep it light and minimal to add class to your look.

  1. Think Outside the Box: When you think of accessories, you don’t have to limit yourself to jewelry and handbags. For example, adding belts to your saree has become a popular trend in the fashion industry. To make a statement, drape your saree as you usually would and add a belt at the waist.

This not only helps glam your look but also holds your pallu at the waist. For more traditional looks, you can add traditional belts like a Kamarband in the same manner! Pair a plain saree with a statement blouse and matching belt to complete this look.

  1. Pant-Style Drape: Another popular trend of styling sarees is to drape your saree in the style of pants. It is a modern, sleek and comfortable way of draping the saree that stays true to traditional chic. Many celebrities and designers have adorned this look in fashion shows and other events, showing off the ultimate modern and traditional blend.

Wear pants underneath your saree, and begin to drape it from one leg. Leave one side of the pants visible. You can wear this look for any occasion.

  1. Embroidered Blouses: Blouses are the greatest key to adoring a subtle, classy yet ethnic look. Wearing a plain silk saree with a heavy brocade or even a Banarasi silk blouse can add a lot of grace and charm, helping you pull off an extraordinary look. Team this look with elegant and chic jewelry, a minimal clutch, and stilettos or pumps to finish this uber chic look!
  1. Keep your pallu in Front: If you’re looking for an outfit that makes a modern statement, tie your pallu in the front. This look works exceptionally well for women with slim waists and is quite a daring look. You can drape your saree in a way in which the pallu of it falls in front of your shoulder.

This look is truly head-turning in all senses and brings out the essence of your saree. With this look, opt for a heavy silk saree with a heavily embroidered pallu for the best use of this style.

These are 5 simple tips to keep in mind when you’re looking to rock a plain silk saree. Remember, no matter what the occasion, there is a silky smooth look to be styled for them all! So if you don’t own your silk saree yet, wait no longer!

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