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Where do You Find a New Attorney
Where do You Find a New Attorney


Where do You Find a New Attorney and How do You Change if You Already Have One?

Sometimes, it’s necessary to change to a new lawyer. There may be something that’s just not working out with the current lawyer or it could be as simple as clashing personalities. No matter what the reason, it is possible to change lawyers at almost any point in a case. When a client does need to change to a new attorney, they’ll want to find a new attorney to hire, go through a consultation, hire the lawyer, and fire the previous lawyer. Then, they can start working with the new lawyer who will hopefully be a much better fit. 

How to Find a New Attorney

The first thin that someone should do when they need a new attorney is find possible options for a new one to handle their case. It is important to look for an attorney who has experience handling similar cases and who might be a better fit for the situation. The client will want to consider what they didn’t like about the current lawyer and make sure they seek a lawyer who will be different, so the client doesn’t end up repeating whatever went wrong with the new lawyer. 

Go Through a Consultation

It is always important for clients to go through a consultation with any attorney they’re interested in before hiring one. The client will want to make sure the attorney is willing and able to take on the case, that they’re going to be a good fit for the case, and that they’ll be a good fit for the client. During the consultation, be prepared to ask a lot of questions to make sure the lawyer will be a good fit and to help prevent any potential issues during the working relationship. 

Hire a New Lawyer

Once the right lawyer has been found, go ahead and hire them. It may be necessary to pay a retainer fee depending on the type of case and the lawyer handling the case. Then, the new lawyer will need the case files and any information about the case from the client. This can all be received from the previous lawyer after firing them. The previous lawyer should hand over the data without any issue, and then the new lawyer can start reviewing everything to catch up with the case. 

Fire the Previous Lawyer

When firing a lawyer, it’s important to do so in writing. This way, there will be no question in the future that the previous lawyer’s work with the client has ended and that the new lawyer has taken over. Clients can use a sample letter to do this or may write one of their own. The letter can be mailed, emailed, or handed to the lawyer, depending on the client’s preferences. It’s at this point the client will want to look into getting the case information from the previous lawyer to give to the new one. 

Clients may need to switch to a new lawyer for a variety of reasons. When this is needed, it’s important to take the next steps carefully to make sure the new lawyer is a better choice for the case and the client. It’s also important to make sure the switch is done properly to avoid any issues in the future. Follow the steps here to get this task done and to start working with a new lawyer right away.

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