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What Should You Know While Looking for Hospital Bed for Home Care Use?
What Should You Know While Looking for Hospital Bed for Home Care Use?

Health Care

What Should You Know While Looking for Hospital Bed for Home Care Use?

The choice of hospital beds is a key concern when expanding your facility or replacing old equipment. For many, the sheer number of hospital bed options makes a choice even more difficult. Whatever environment you are looking for, you can take help. They offer one of the largest selections of high-quality hospital beds rental Mississauga. Here are the some point you should know to make an informed decision.

Types of Hospital Bed

Hospital beds are divided into two categories: manual and electric. Manual hospital beds are less expensive but tend to have fewer placement options. They are also, of course, more of a burden on your staff. On the other hand, electric hospital beds allow your team to get a patient into position quickly and efficiently.

Different electric hospital beds have different controls, including hand and foot systems; Consider the application to determine your computer’s best option. In addition to standard hospital beds, special equipment is available for bariatric, paediatric, and other use. Here again, the nature of your facility and the types of patients you typically see will play a key role in helping you make the right decision.

Features You Should Consider While Looking for a Hospital Bed.

First, it is essential to review your department’s needs and intended use, whether it be bariatric care, intensive care, home care, long-term care/rehabilitation, maternal nursing, or medical.

Your budget and your needs will determine whether a manual or electric hospital bed is the right choice for your installation. However, beyond that, different models offer different sets of features that can significantly improve patient comfort, reduce the risk of complications, and help your staff work more efficiently. Some of them include:

Positioning Options: 

Hospital beds are available with a wide range of positioning, including Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg, Fowler positioning, and more.

Motorized Transport: 

Some hospital beds from Hill-Rom®, Stryker, and other manufacturers have motorized transport, which reduces stress on support staff when moving patients from room to room.

Side rails and access systems:

Side rails prevent patients from falling, but also prevent lateral transfer. Many beds are equipped with removable handrails, positioning systems, and other features that facilitate greater accessibility.

Integrated Scale

An integrated scale makes it easy to weigh patients with minimal disruption.

Built-in Storage

Storage compartments allow you to keep oxygen tanks, IV racks, and other necessary equipment close by.

Mattress Selection

In addition to the bed itself, a mattress is also an important consideration when updating your equipment. A growing number of affordable options, including sophisticated gel and memory foam models, have left stores with a wide range of options in this area.

Reducing the risk of pressure ulcers is a key element in the purchase decision. Look for a comfortable, supportive, easy to clean product and has a gap-free design for maximum patient comfort. They offer several high-quality products, including the Symbiose Integrated Air Mattress. Explore their website for more information.

Long Term Support and Care

A hospital bed is a significant investment; you should know that you can count on your purchase to provide years of dependable service. Whether you’re shopping for a home or clinical use, there are steps you can take to extend the life of your new bed:

Ensure staff are well trained and maintained on the features and functionality of the bed to minimize the risk of damage due to operator error or misuse. Perform periodic inspections of moving components to confirm that they are working correctly.

Don’t let a minor problem become a significant problem. Find the cause of squeaks, squeaks, and other warning signs, and take corrective action to stop the problem before it worsens. Use a bed only for the purpose for which it was designed. Pay much attention to weight capacity of the hospital bed and other application guidelines when using your hospital bed.

When bed is not in use, store them and keep them away from potential hazards. Make sure all equipment is clean and decontaminated between patients. If you notice that your equipment wears out faster than usual, consider hiring an outside consultant. There may be factors inherent in your workflow or other organizational issues that cause premature burnout.

The best way to ensure that a hospital bed continues to provide comfort for your patients and convenience for your staff is to work with a trusted provider. Hospital bed rental in Mississauga is an authorized distributor of the hospital, refurbished Stryker hospital beds and other equipment from leading medical manufacturers.

They have been an ally of the Canadian healthcare industry for over 30 years, providing coast-to-coast support for some of the country’s most advanced facilities. When you choose a new hospital bed from them, you are working with a company that offers warranty support for everything they sell, as well as comprehensive preventive maintenance services. They can help you create a program that keeps all your valuable equipment running at its best.

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