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What printing methods to use for Custom Flags
What printing methods to use for Custom Flags


What printing methods to use for Custom Flags?

There are many varieties of custom flags, which you can design on your own. These are made of different cutting and sewing methods, and the printing can be done using various technologies. Each of these custom flag making processes offers a unique look and feel to the finished flags. As custom flags are important marketing tools, you must be very careful and considerate about making custom flags. In this article, we will review some of the most popular methods and processes in making custom flags so that you will have a better insight into choosing the best custom flag for your purpose.

Digital printed custom flags

The printed custom flags are either printed digitally or using screen-printing technology. Digital printing is the latest and most advanced method of flag or promotional banner printing. This process can actualize merely any combination of colors, designs, images, etc., with advanced ink-jet printers. It is possible to print on flags of any materials and sizes with the use of these heavy-duty printing machines. Special durable ink is used for printing, which can ensure optimum quality and clarity of the prints. Printing can be directly done on the fabric or printed on a second surface, which can be sewn onto the flag later.

All types of custom flags can be made through the digital printing process. It can be single- or double-sided printed flags in any size. The digitally printed custom flags can be effectively used for outdoor advertising for their quality and durability and can be useful for indoor display. You can consult with the printing houses to see their offerings in digitally printed custom flags.

Screen printed flags

Screen printing is the traditional mode of printing onto fabric and other surfaces, which is not used so widely now with the rise of digital printing. However, this method is very cheap compared to the others, and in the case of flag printing, this can be done much faster and efficiently. For large quantities of printing of the same content also, screen printing is ideal. However, for smaller quantities, screen printing is highly arduous.

While custom flags are printed using screen printing, inks of different colors are layered on to the fabric using a screen. Colors will come out bold and bright through the screen. However, the best output of screen print is assured only when the design features only minimal colors. If you spend a little bit of time and effort on it, screen printing can be learned by anyone, and custom flag printing can be done independently.

Applique custom flags

The sewn custom flags are made through embroidery or applique processes. When finished, Applique flags will look like a quilt, in which each design element will be a separate fabric piece. These are typically made using nylon material and will be highly durable too. Compared to other models, applique flags are seemingly more luxurious and elegant as the design elements are hand sewn to the background.  However, with all this work involved, applique flags can be more expensive than other printed custom flags.

You can now easily order custom flags online through the websites and can also custom design your content to be printed on to the flag using online design tools offered by the providers.

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