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What People Love About American Shorthairs
What People Love About American Shorthairs

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What People Love About American Shorthairs

Cats are some of the most adorable animals and pets too. With their cute face, playful nature, and elegance, how can they not be?

However, American Shorthairs are considered one of the best by a lot of people. In fact, many Americans also have a Shorthair cat to accompany them throughout their life.

But, what is so special about these American Shorthair cats? Well, given below are some of the best reasons why people absolutely love American Shorthairs!

Reason 1: They Are Extremely Adorable and Come In Different Types

Most breeds of cats are super adorable. But, some of them are just a little more adorable. For instance, the American Shorthair cat has an extremely cute face. With their cute rounded eyes to unique fur, American Shorthair can definitely melt the hearts of most people.

Another great thing about these cats is that they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. For example, most of them have unique coat colors along with patterns too which make them look quite distinct compared to other cats.

Hence, a lot of people adore American Shorthair cats due to their cuteness as well as uniqueness.

Reason 2: They Are Playful and Love Socialising

Who said dogs are the only playful pet out there when you have American Shorthair cats too?

American Shorthair cats are known to be extremely social and playful. Hence, you can play with them all day long and laugh at their antics! What’s more amazing is that these cats are suitable as family pets too as they go along with children and other pets.

So, while many cats are a bit more reserved and calm, you can have an exciting time with American Shorthair cats due to their fun-loving nature.

Reason 3: Affection Comes to Them Naturally

There is always a myth going around that talks about cats as a non-affectionate breed. Well, time to debunk that myth!

American Shorthair cats absolutely love to be pampered but in return, they will make sure that they show their affection to their owners as well. But, first, you need to make them trust you if you want them to love you a lot too!

Reason 4: Purr-fect As Family Pets!

Not all animals can be considered family-friendly. For instance, some might not go along with children and can even cause harm to them. Moreover, if you have more than one pet at home, then also issues can arise.

But, with an American Shorthair cat, you don’t have to face any of these problems. As mentioned above, these cats are quite warm, welcoming, and social. Hence, they’ll fit in just right with kids and all the other pets in your household.

All you have to do is just make sure that you make them acquainted with the other members in the house.

Reason 5: Easy Grooming and Maintenance

Most cats with extensive fur require excessive care when it comes to grooming and taking care of it. Now, not a lot of people can spend a lot of time on this.

Hence, for those, the American Shorthair cat becomes the preferred option. It is because the grooming needs of an American Shorthair cat aren’t a lot. You just need to brush their coat weekly and make sure that you give them healthy food to see them glowing!

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the American Shorthair cat is the perfect pet anyone could ask for! It is friendly, affectionate, and also low-maintenance. Due to all these reasons, the majority of the people that love cats are in total awe of American Shorthairs!

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