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UNI Coupling
UNI Coupling

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What is UNI-coupling?

A UNI-Coupling is a cylinder coupling. It is a coupling which guarantees that two cylinders can be associated with one another. On account of its high resistance to corrosion, this type of coupling is very reasonable for use inside delivery and seaward. 

Look out for high-quality Straub coupling services. 

Protected with seal free of leakage:

The base of this Coupling is that of high adaptability and wellbeing. With this coupling pipe, you can rest assured of a watertight seal, on account of the extraordinary licensed seal and elastic bond. 

Numerous Certified benefits: 

The UNI-Coupling is ensured and affirmed for use in dockyards and building ships. The phenomenal base guarantees that these couplings bring multiple advantages. 

 Here are the most significant ones for you: 

  • Free from corrosion
  • Sound-damping 
  • Protected 
  • Saving Space 
  • Wide Reach 
  • Manageable 
  • stainless steel (W5) with a reliable quality 


The Varieties of UNI-COUPLING:

Here are the various kinds of UNI-Coupling: 


A non-tractable safe pipe coupling that is reasonable for coupling of connected funnels.  


A Non-tractable safe pipe coupling that is reasonable for speedy fixes 


A ductile-safe coupling that is appropriate for interfacing plastic funnels. 


A pliable-safe coupling that is appropriate for associating plastic funnels with metal channels. 


A pilable safe coupling that is reasonable for making sheltered and solid pivotal associations. 

A best Straub coupling alternative:  

Straub coupling can be the best alternative to UNI coupling. You pay less without relinquishing the nature of these couplings. Uni-Coupling is likewise the best option for the Norma as well as Teekay couplings. 

Benefits of UNI-Coupling:

  • Item range intended to have a more extensive territory which results in 25% less stock for couplings up to 172 mm OD. One coupling for various pipe sizes, so no dead stock for extraordinary pipe sizes. Extents intended to consolidate extraordinary with regular pipe sizes. 
  • The total coupling is standard delivered out of 316 stainless steel material. 
  • The item range begins on funnels from 21 mm OD up to 750 mm on the hold type, adaptable and fixes arrangements up to 4000 mm OD with more significant sizes accessible on solicitation. 
  • Created total generation office to deal with 5mm tempered steel thickness, which makes it conceivable to accomplish higher weight evaluations on every outside width. 
  • Improved and licensed new gasket configuration to avoid the requirement for a strip embeds inside the coupling. 
  • New protected hold-ring for an excellent and robust association between metal funnels. 
  • New protected plastgrip-ring for an ideal and strong association between plastic channels. 
  • The total item range is created in-house to have full oversight on accomplishing quick conveyance times. 
  • Installing it is very simple.



Do you want to know all about UNI-Coupling in details? There are many service providers available online. Send your quotations, and you will get an answer rapidly. They will guide you through all the subtleties related to your UNI-Coupling needs. Browse through them whenever you have time, give them a call, and they will be there with all the solutions for you. Make the most of reliable Straub coupling services. 


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