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What Is the Thickness of a Glass Partition
What Is the Thickness of a Glass Partition

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What Is the Thickness of a Glass Partition? Consideration Tips

If you consider installing glass office partitions today, you should understand the fundamentals. Yes, there is no need to be a tech-savvy person, however, at least comprehension of the thickness should be acknowledged. Thanks to the Internet, you can find tutorials on such technical aspects. Or, this brief guide will share with you the key features of thickness when choosing glass walls.

The Profile of Partition Walls for Office

The first thing to know regarding the installation of partition walls for office is the industry standards. They are different depending on your country of residence. For instance, there might be the US, Australian, Canadian Standards for glass partitions. Otherwise, you may avoid any hustle and bustle just by turning to professionals like CGP (CommercialGlassPartitions) for partition walls for office installation. Contact them, request a free quote, or address your inquiry regarding the installation taking into consideration your office, conference, or meeting room among others.

Then, thickness is crucial in terms of humans’ interaction with the glass wall materials. It should be robust, and obviously safe. For instance, the situations when employees bump into each other are super common, so it has to withstand any third-party impact. It should not break, or injure someone.

Note, the maximum thickness level varies depending on the glass, and there are some minimum criteria. Check the features below:

  • The thickness must be at least 6.28mm, which is rather substantial. It can also be as thick as 12.38 mm or even thicker. When the glass is too thin, it presents a potential hazard for all the employees and people visiting the office;
  • Glass walls must be toughened to 8/10/12, and laminated glass can swing or glide open. Partitions, both full height, and half-height are utilized in both business and residential settings;
  • Sandblasting, acid etching, and 3M stickering may all be used to create transparent and opaque glass;
  • Fabricated glass is available in a variety of thicknesses too. It is available in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, and even 19mm sizes. The class may be clear or exceptionally clear.

Beyond that, customization is also available. For instance, glass office walls can also be coloured tint. Blue, brown, and various shades of grey are popular hues. Laminated glass is also available in a variety of thicknesses. Milky white glass and painted glass are extremely durable.

Note, when turning to CommercialGlassPartitions, you can order a variety of glass partition walls for offices. There are 1 Wall, 2 Wall, 3 Wall, and Multi-Wall Rooms Systems. As for the glazing you can require, the service offers the following:

  • Single Glazed 3/8″ thick;
  • Single Glazed 1/4″ thick;
  • Double Glazed 1/4″ thick;

If you still require more information on the appropriate thickness of glass walls, either turn to CommercialGlassPartitions or ask for referrals from your friends. You should understand that thickness might greatly vary because of several factors. If possible, request on spot consultation, so that you can learn the applied pricing policy as well.

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