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What is the Best PDF Editor for Free? UPDF vs. iLovePDF

You can search millions of PDF editors for your daily usage, but not every tool comprises all the required properties and tools. To eradicate your confusion regarding a PDF editor among several tools, we will compare two top-notch tools called UPDF and iLovePDF. By comparing both of these tools, you can draw your conclusion easily by choosing the best free PDF editor to view and edit PDF text.

Part 1: UPDF – Free PDF Reader and Editor

Part 2: iLovePDF – Online PDF Editor

Part 3: Limitations of Online PDF Editor

Part 1: UPDF – Free PDF Reader and Editor

UPDF by Superace Software Technologies has introduced itself as a proficient and all-in-one tool to manage and edit PDF files. This tool comes with additional properties and features to provide maximum comfort to its users.

You can enjoy the editing experience of your PDF files in a secured environment without requiring an internet connection. Hence, this free PDF editor proves to be an ultimate choice for all professionals and students belonging to different fields.

Key Features:

  • UPDF Free PDF Editor allows the users to enhance and change the text properties such as text style, font, color, and size.
  • You can organize your PDF files by instantly deleting unwanted pages and extracting the important data efficiently.
  • UPDF has also worked to view PDF documents in the best way possible by listing distinct features related to them.
  • Along with editing the text in PDF files, you can also add and delete images on PDF files flawlessly through UPDF.


  • This tool offers all the required features and tools that you would need to edit PDF files on mac at no cost. It means that this tool does not require the users to buy any subscription plan.
  • You don’t have to worry about the file size of your PDF documents and can freely edit multiple PDF files regardless of their file size.
  • UPDF provides you with impressive responsive speed while editing along with a well-protected environment.


  • UPDF has been released on Mac and iOS devices. However, this tool is not available on Windows and Android as they are still working on it.

Part 2: iLovePDF – Online PDF Editor

iLovePDF comes across as a reliable online PDF editor containing many features and options to edit PDF files. Users can simply import their PDF files on this tool with the availability of an internet connection and can easily execute the desired changes.

The user interface is not complicated, and every feature of this online tool is displayed in a well-organized manner. Thus, this tool functions well for PDF documents as users can easily utilize its editing features.

Key Features:

  • You can merge multiple PDF files into a single document quickly through this tool so that you can find your important data in one place.
  • This tool offers batch processing which means you can conduct editing on this platform in more than one PDF file.
  • You can compress PDF files using iLovePDF to change the file size of your PDF document.
  • Through this tool, you can also convert PDF files into various other formats.


  • The user interface is easy-to-use and does not require additional assistance.
  • You can share and import PDF files from cloud services such as Google Drive and DropBox.
  • You can add a watermark to your PDF documents instantly using this online platform.


  • This PDF editor is not free, and you have to buy its paid version to begin the editing.

Part 3: Limitations of Online PDF Editor

Online PDF editors are available in abundance, but they have major drawbacks that make them unprofessional. For using online PDF editors, you would require a strong internet connection throughout to edit PDF files easily. If your internet connection goes unstable, it can directly impact your editing quality and speed. Moreover, every online PDF tool has a certain file size limit that can prevent users from editing large file sizes.

Hence, online PDF tools are not ideal in every situation as it contains limitations such as unaffordable, slow speed, and limited editing features.


PDF files are the most used files for both academic and professional purposes. To edit and view PDF files, you must use an advanced and professional PDF editor. By comparing the two-top notch PDF tools, we recommend UPDF by Superace Software Technologies as a free PDF editor comprising excellent key features.

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