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What Is Personal Statement
What Is Personal Statement


What Is Personal Statement? Writing Tips

Whenever you want to stand out of the crowd while applying somewhere, you must present your candidacy properly. For such a purpose, people write personal statements. Commonly educational institutions require this document, but employers may want to see it too.

A personal statement focuses attention on your strong sides and qualities, which a suitable for a position that you are applying to. Therefore, for every place you plan to submit this document, consider writing several of it. The individual approach has a higher chance of success. Here you will find helpful writing tips on preparing excellent personal statements.

Size & Formatting Specifications

While writing a personal statement for the first time, do not worry. It is very similar to an essay. After the title, you begin with an introduction, next to the main part and conclusion. Speaking about word count, various institutions indicate different sizes. On average, it is around 500 words.

Paper parameters in most should follow cover letter standards. Suitable fonts are Cambria, Helvetica, and Arial. Single spacing suits this document type. While employers care less about formatting specifications, higher education institutions may provide more requirements. That is why you should always check information on personal statement instructions.

Collecting Information & Position Requirements

You definitely know yourself better than anyone else does. With a personal statement, your task is to evaluate personal skills, abilities, qualities, and experiences. You must properly present them to show the admission committee that you are the best candidate.

It can be difficult to start writing a personal statement immediately. First, you must define what characteristics are suitable for the position. For example, while aiming to become a social worker, describing volunteering experience and presenting excellent communication skills will benefit you. To enroll in medical school, you should not describe your passion for repairing cars.

After knowing everything about the specialty that you want to obtain, consider what personal qualities match. General traits like hard-working, good at teamwork, easy to get along with people are important too. Everything that matches the sphere of education or work position is good for describing.

Every professor and employer wants to see ambitions for the future together. Highly motivated applicants always show better results. Passion is important too. By loving what you study and do, chances for becoming a professional are much higher. That is what professors expect to read about.

When you know qualities you possess, take time to put down the information you can easily forget the next day. That will greatly help you during writing. You will not spend time remembering good qualities and experiences to mention just by looking at your notebook.

Formatting Specifications

Writing Process Recommendations on Document Structure

The beginning of your personal statement must indicate the recipient’s information. It looks rather like a letter. In the introduction, it is important to explain who you are and why you are applying. Always stay positive and try writing using an active voice.

For the body part selected, mention just several main qualities and describe each one depending on the word limit. Always mention some position-related experience, which shows that you are interested in studying and working in such a sphere. Any suitable rewards and achievements can improve your chances.

In the final section, applicants should express their plans for the future. Describe goals that motivate you to move on. Mentioning ambitions allows showing that you are ready to work hard in order to achieve your goals. After conclusion, write a polite ending as in business letters.

Proofreading & Editing of Personal Statement

After finishing writing any text, do not rush sending it. Even with good writing skills, there can be mistakes. Thus, you must polish your personal statement. Professors may not approve your application due to simple faults and misspellings.

Professionals recommend taking a break before editing. Writers easily get used to texts together with errors. After resting, you can spot much more mistakes and correct them. Additionally, read the personal statement aloud. That helps to spot occurrences of poor readability.

Professional Solutions for Writing Personal Statements

Preparing all the documents for admission requires good writing skills and have enough time. Asking someone for assistance greatly helps. While applying after graduating high school, consider talking to the dean or counselor for recommendations.

Alternatively, using a personal statement writing service can be a solution. Various platforms offer assistance in the preparation of various documents. With experienced writers, you may not worry about content quality and deadlines. Always find the best solutions for yourself to prepare wonderful personal statements.

Professional Solutions for Writing Personal Statements

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