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How to Find an SEO Agency in Navarra
How to Find an SEO Agency in Navarra

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What is included in SEO packages?

In order to rule the web, one needs to be able to rule the content they post on their website. The need for good content has never been greater like it is today and this is something that writers and, in some cases, non-writers have realized. This is manifested by the emergence of so many content creation experts and agencies. There are so many agencies and individual out there that are offering SEO services in form of SEO packages to willing buyers. This is a good thing because people have flexibility when making their choice, but it is a bad thing because it is very difficult to find the right agency to offer high-quality SEO packages.

The presence of many SEO agencies has led to different agencies creating SEO packages that contain different features. In this article, I intend to discuss what standard monthly SEO plans should include in terms of features. I will also talk about a few other relevant aspects that apply to SEO.

Website development and design

This may come as a surprise to many people, but it is actually true. If you find a high-quality SEO agency, they will be able to create a website for your business. The agency offers to create a website for you and then populate it with high-quality content and design elements that will make the business attractive to searchers. How sophisticated the website will be will depend on what the client needs. In some cases, the agency can have its personnel spend several hours writing code for the website and integrating things like your business’ logo and social media assets.

The reason why some agencies offer website development is because in order for a website to pull people to it, it needs to be optimized and user-friendly and since the agency has experience, they can deliver just this. Let us see what else an SEO package should contain you can get your plan from UK SEO companies.

Landing page development

The second aspect of an SEO package is the development of the landing page. A web page is different from a web page in that it doesn’t have multiple goals like web pages. Landing pages serve but only a single task and that is to get anyone who finds themselves on the page to perform an action. The action tends to vary depending on the type of website we are talking about. However, these actions can include making a purchase, downloading something, and subscribing to a newsletter just to mention a few.

Landing pages are included into websites for the purpose of getting people to focus on one goal only. They are therefore the ones responsible for generating leads for the whole website. These pages tend to be used in most cases in combination with paid ads.

Google analytics configuration

When your main goal is to rank higher on Google, then you need to get an SEO package that includes an analysis of Google analytics. For this, you need a certified Google consultant to go through your analytics to verify if everything is reporting back as it should. The consultant will perform several tasks that include defining visitor segments, building traffic tunnels, creating conversion goals, tracking event and social media, and finally configuring e-commerce tracking among others.

The purpose why Google analytics configuration is done is so as to ensure that your data interfaces optimally with its reporting features. You will be able to get accurate tracking of everything that happens on your website.

Keyword research and strategy

Businesses have different goals for pursuing an online presence. Some business just wants to achieve more traffic while others want to achieve higher-converting keywords. Still, others want to achieve both goals and more. However, in order to achieve this, it is important to invest a considerable amount of time in doing keyword research. Keyword research means that one researches the kind of keywords that will ensure their website comes up more frequently in SERPs.

If you don’t invest enough in keyword research, it means that your website will never be found when people search for similar websites. A keyword strategy optimizes keywords contained on a website to increase keyword hits by searchers.

Content development

Content development accounts for a huge chunk of SEO. You can use all the strategies in this world, but if you are unable to offer your readers some valuable content to look at, then it is all a huge waste of time. You need to have different kinds of content on your site. The content should suit the kind of buyers you are trying to get to buy merchandise from your business. Good examples of different kinds of contents that you should include on your website are blog posts, white papers, e-books, landing pages, site pages, social media posts, emails, content offers, and infographics.

The purpose for good content is to educate your audience and to nurture leads. You should remember that people don’t just wake up one day, read content, and voila! They are making a purchase. Making a purchase takes time and that is why you should nurture the process.

Link building

Link building is a very important part of an SEO package. Apparently, links matter to Google a lot that they went ahead and based their entire search algorithm on links. Having high-quality links will ensure that your page is easily found when people search for it on the internet. Search engine rankings are also based on the type and quality of links that a site has. Good links will directly translate into high traffic to your website.

SEO package pricing

The price of SEO packages varies a lot from one service provider to the next. The price tends to range from just 500 US Dollars to as high as 5000 US dollars. However, there are a few factors that affect how much you will end up paying for your SEO packages.

The first factor that tends to affect the price of SEO packages is the company one is dealing with. Like I stated above, SEO agencies price the services they provide differently. However, it is advisable to stay away from services that judge ridiculously low prices and promise too much in return. Other factors that affect price are terms of the contract and the volume of work that needs to be done.

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