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What is EyeDirect and how does it work
What is EyeDirect and how does it work

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What is EyeDirect and how does it work?

What your subject is looking at may have a significant influence on how others perceive your photograph.

In many cases, the eyes of your subject determine where the viewer of your photograph looks.

There’s no right or wrong, but how the subject is facing may have an influence on the shot.

Looking directly at the camera

  • It’s difficult not to look at a subject who is looking straight at the camera since they become the focus.
  • When a subject looks directly into the camera, it might cause discomfort or tension for the viewer of the photograph – and it may be a rather powerful and confronting posture. This isn’t always negative – in fact, it can really add punch to an image – but it’s something to keep in mind.

The way your subject appears while being captured has a significant influence on how an image turns out. Many distinct postures may be utilized and will considerably change the tone and focal point of the photograph.

What is an EyeDirect?

The EyeDirect Mark II is a periscope-style eye-contact maintaining device that uses two mirrors.

This approach produces a more realistic and engaging connection between your viewers and you. The contributor has true eye contact with the individual asking the questions while, in actuality, appearing to be looking straight down the lens.

The camera can be used with a wide range of cameras, from DSLR to full-size models, and the system does not need any electricity to operate.

The EyeDirect Mark II also transforms into a prompt unit by simply connecting your own iPad or tablet to the holder included (appropriate iPad or tablet required, and not included in the kit).

How an EyeDirect mirror box works

It’s actually a rather straightforward idea in the form of a black box with mirrors inside, intended to be placed in front of the camera lens.

The Interrotron method, developed by legendary documentary producer Errol Morris, involves establishing a clear line of sight between the person in front of the camera and the person filming behind.

The EyeDirect is beneficial for one-on-one interviews as it gives you as an interviewer the opportunity to maintain the connection with your subject.

Because the technical specifications of the device may have altered, but the concept remains the same, this technique is still effective. They have direct eye contact thanks to a mirror construction (‘beam splitter glass’) between interviewer and interviewer.

Why would I need an EyeDirect mirror box? Can’t they just look directly into the camera?

There’s something about giving your heart out in front of a black piece of glass with a red light above it that isn’t quite as compelling. In the case of seasoned actors/presenters, holding the line of sight between speaker and receiver directly on camera is generally avoided.

Even then, if you have to look into a huge piece of glass, it may seem forced and unnatural.

Eye lines are important for human interaction because humans engage with the eye line. Our human brain contains ‘mirror neurons’ or mirror cells, which mimic other people’s emotions and faces when we communicate.

This is where the Interrotron – EyeDirect method comes in handy: if our interviewee tells a funny tale and we can see the interviewer-director smiling, the interviewee will most likely mimic those facial expressions, making them seem more natural on camera.

We want to be able to utilize every non-verbal communication signal as effectively as possible in order to approach the conversation as authentically and completely as possible while playing the part of the interviewer.

The nod of the head, a sigh that follows after a question, a silent chuckle or a brief blink are some of the non-verbal clues we use to listen really well in (unscripted) interviews.

We can enhance interviews by allowing the interviewee to express himself, hear what the other person is actually saying, and taste what feeling or conviction the other person is stating anything.

Where can you get an EyeDirect mirror box?

If you are looking for an Eye direct mirror box for hire, then get in contact with Pro Motion.

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