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Choice Home Warranty (CHW) is perhaps one of the most well-known warranty companies that offer extended coverage at a low cost to consumers, saving them money on costly affairs such as replacement and maintenance for common household appliances and systems. If one reads choice home warranty reviews, they would know why so many homeowners trust it. The company has impeccable customer support dedicated to providing the best service to their customers, around the clock all week. Established in 2008, it acquired a B ranking from the Best Business Bureau for its affordable plans, nationwide availability, and very nominal service charges making this company very much sought after.

Some pros of CHW are:

  • Plans that are less expensive than other competitive companies
  • It offers 90 days free repair if an item gets damaged or breaks
  • Customers can choose their preferred technician without conducting home inspections.

Plans and coverage offered by Choice Home Warranty

Policyholders can select between two warranty plans, namely the Total Plan and the Basic Plan. Both of these provide services, but the range of systems and appliances covered are different. The Basic Plan includes things such as dishwashers range and a range of electrical appliances and systems. People usually choose the Total Plan, as seen on Choice Home Warranty reviews, because it offers coverage completely across various appliances and systems such as washer, dryer, air con, etc.

The systems and appliances included and covered under the Total Plan are air conditioner, clothes washer and dryer, refrigerator, heating and electrical systems, plumbing, including drainage and stoppage. Water heater and Whirlpool bathtub, oven and cooktop stove, built-in microwaves, dishwashers, exhaust fans, garage door openers, opener ceiling, and garbage disposal are also covered.

The Basic Plans include all of these except for the refrigerator, air conditioner system, and clothes washer and dryer. Upon request, systems and appliances like additional refrigerators and stand-alone freezers, sump and well pumps, central vacuum systems, septic systems, and pumping of the same and limited leaks are also covered. An additional fee or charge will be levied for these products as these are being offered coverage even though they are not part of the plans.

The plumbing system coverage includes:

  • Repairing stoppages up to 100 feet away from the initial point of access in the pipeline.
  • Replacement of valves for tubs and showers.
  • Fixing breaks and leaks of water and water pipes.

For air conditioning, it includes:

  • a change of condenser
  • a change of compressor oil

And lastly, for exhaust and ceiling fans, motors, switches, and other small parts are covered.

Exclusions: What Is Not Covered By The Plans?

Plans offered by Choice Home Warranty do not meet pre-existing conditions. If a customer thinks that their appliances are old and need frequent repairs and servicing, it is advisable to choose and buy the best coverage plans before these issues arise.

Some items that are not included in the coverage are:

  • Knobs, doors, handles and rollers, and any other decorative objects.
  • Servicing for air conditioners and related parts such as grills or registers
  • The build-up of sediment in tanks or reservoirs, coverage of water heater
  • Arson, theft or, the act of God such as destruction caused due to earthquakes or storms

Plan Costs and Other Charges

Plans offered by CHW cost anywhere between $36 and $44 per month. Annually, they cost around $434 to $526. If one chooses to buy a plan and the optional add-ons, it will hike the price up by $46–$180 per year, depending upon the add-ons one chooses.

Technicians are to be paid a service charge directly when they come to resolve an issue. No payments are made to the company. The average market price ranges from $75 to anywhere up to $255. But having a Choice Home Warranty means that one can save a lot as low as $60–$85 per visit that is charged regardless of what is supposed to be fixed and how expensive it is.

Caps on Coverage

While Choice Home Warranty covers a wide variety of home appliances and systems, it does not cover the complete replacement or repair. As per the agreement, the highest amount that the plan will cover will not exceed more than $1500 per contract. And the company is not liable for diagnosis, replacement, or repair beyond this amount. The customers are accountable after the $1500 mark.

With its services available in 48 states, except for California and Washington, CHW is one of the best options if one is just starting out!

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