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What Do You Do When You Need a New Lawyer
What Do You Do When You Need a New Lawyer


What Do You Do When You Need a New Lawyer?

Sometimes, the lawyer working on a case just isn’t working out. The client may feel they’d be better represented elsewhere or feel the lawyer is making mistakes that could have an impact on the outcome of the case. No matter what the reason is, clients can change lawyers whenever they’d like during the case. To do this, the client will want to follow a few basic steps to make sure it’s done right. 

Think About Why a Change is Needed

A client may need a new lawyer for a variety of reasons, including the lawyer being unprepared, not returning calls, providing unsound advice, or because the client and the lawyer simply aren’t the right fit for each other. While any reason is a good enough reason to switch to a new lawyer, clients will want to think about the reason for the change. This way, they can find a new lawyer that better suits their needs. 

Look Into New Lawyers to Hire

The client will want to spend some time looking into a new lawyer to hire. It’s important to be careful during this step to avoid hiring another lawyer who may not be a good fit for the client or for the case. Along with finding a lawyer who works on similar cases, check out reviews, any information they may have posted online, and other information to get a good idea of what the lawyer is like and what can be expected from them when they work on a case. 

Have a Consultation With the New Lawyer

Set up a consultation with the new lawyer. This provides the client with the chance to learn more about the lawyer and ensure they will be a good fit for the case. Make sure they are going to be different from the other lawyer, whether that means they’re going to work harder on the case, be prepared to handle anything that could happen, or just be a better all-around fit for the client like lawyers in marbella

Fire the Prior Lawyer Working on the Case

Once the new lawyer is hired, the last step is to fire the lawyer that will be replaced. This can be done at any time during the case, though it may be a little more difficult to do if the case is at trial. The termination should be in writing to make sure there are no questions about whether the lawyer is still working on the case. Once this letter has been sent, if needed, follow up to make sure all documents, evidence, and other materials are provided to the new lawyer working on the case.

What to Expect When Switching

Switching should not cause any problems for the client. It will take a little bit of time for the new lawyer to receive any case files from the prior lawyer and to get caught up on what’s happening. Depending on where the case is when the switch happens, this may mean requesting extensions to provide the new lawyer time to read through everything. However, this should be the only interruption to the case, if it happens, during the switch. 

If you aren’t happy with the lawyer currently working on your case, it is possible to switch. Take the time to follow the steps here to make sure it’s done right and you find a new lawyer to handle the case. 

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