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What are AWS IoT Kits
What are AWS IoT Kits

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What are AWS IoT Kits?

Technology has made life very easy for us. It has made human life and industrial operations to be easier, faster, and better. One technology that has a big share in making that possible is the internet of things or IoT.

The internet of things or IoT is a software program that can transfer information to a system without human or computer-to-human interaction. This program uses processors, sensors, and communication hardware to collect, transfer and act on data taken from its surroundings. It is useful in all areas of business and human life.

One IoT device that is available to make our lives easier is the AWS internet of things. This platform makes it easy for certain devices like turbines, light bulbs, and cars to connect to amazon web services. To help people and businesses with this internet of things device, many manufacturers have made starter kits that are powered by AWS IoT. These allow the embedding of the technology into different services so that companies or people can store and analyze data.

There are many reasons why the internet of things is becoming increasingly popular today. Its importance cannot be over emphasized. The future potential for this technology is limitless. With this in view, let us now discuss the importance of the AWS iot kits and how it is useful to many real-life applications.

Importance of AWS IoT Kits

The following are some of the importance of the technology:

It Can Connect Devices to Cloud Services and Themselves

Devices that connect with this internet of things do so through a gateway. This gateway uses a protocol called the message queue telemetry transport (MQTT). The MQTT is a sensor that works in an independent way that doesn’t affect devices connected to it.

Also, the AWS IoT allows you to connect a large number of devices to the server. There will not be interference or clashing of the network, instead, each device will function properly under this internet of things. The IoT makes this possible by providing connectivity to all devices under low latency and high throughput.

It Provides Secured Data and Connection

Before devices can connect under this technology, the AWS IoT must request for authentication of the devices. This is necessary so that there wouldn’t be cyber data thefts. The IoT makes sure that it encrypts all data exchanged by connected gadgets.

This internet of things uses AWS identity and access management (IAM) to offer secured data connections. It can also let you connect any device of your choice as long as it passes the authentication requirements.

It Can Process and Work on Data

AWS Internet of things uses a rules engine to process and act on data. This rules engine allows you to define rules that process, filter, and route data between different devices and applications. For instance, the internet of things might receive information from connected industrial devices that are irrelevant to a company. With the rules engine, the company can filter out such unimportant data and route only specific data to the IoT. For other ways that companies can use IoT for their business, check here:

It Can Allow Cloud Application to Interact with Connected Devices Even When Offline

This internet of things has a virtual version that stores the state of a device. So the cloud applications can send messages to it even when the device is offline. The messages will be seen by the devices and they can interact with the information offline.

Some of the Real-Life Applications of AWS IoT Kits

Here are some applications of this internet of things in many areas of life:

Sensor Technology

The amazon web services IoT provide devices that have the communication technology called sensors. These sensors will collect and analyze data from one application to another. Safety tools are examples of sensor technology. These gadgets provide responses during emergencies. It gives optimized routes and tracks construction workers or firefighters when they are in life-threatening situations.


This internet of things can also make farming easier. It monitors the different factors necessary for crops to survive like temperature, light, soil moisture, and humidity using sensors. It also works in automatic irrigation devices.

Consumer Uses

Many homes have connected lighting, thermostats, heating, and electronic appliances that can be remotely controlled using computers and smartphones.


Another application of the internet of things is the healthcare sector. The IoT provides data analysis report for a patient’s health so doctors can monitor their health. Some hospitals use the software to complete tasks like inventory management for both pharmaceutical and medical equipment.

Smart City and Buildings

This newer technology can reduce the cost of energy by using sensor technology. This technology can also detect the number of tenants in a property and modify its actions based on that. For example, when sensors notice that a room is overcrowded or very hot, the air conditioner automatically turns on. When people leave a room or building, this air conditioner automatically turns off.

In several cities that make use of the internet of things, there are streetlights and smart meters that can reduce traffic congestion, control energy, monitor, and reduce environmental problems. For more information on how the internet of things can help build smart cities, you can check here.


The amazon web services IoT can provide safety to employers of different industries, especially high-risk workers. Sensors are used in tracking assets and improving the safety of the workers. For those who work in dangerous sites like power, mines, and chemical plants, wearing sensor devices is important. These devices will notify others when the workers get into an accident.

Also, the sensor will monitor the health of the workers on site. It can also help industries to check the environmental conditions of their working sites.


Devices that make use of the internet of things (IoT) are improving the world today. Life is easier and better when people and businesses include this software in their activities. This newer technology has fewer downsides than other tech and it is applied to many real-life situations.

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