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Ways to Tell That Your AC Compressor Is Damaged
Ways to Tell That Your AC Compressor Is Damaged


Ways to Tell That Your AC Compressor Is Damaged

Many people live in areas where they might need to run their AC during the hotter months. However, if you live in a brutally hot climate, you probably need to run it for most of the year. Whether your AC is working for most or just part of the year, it will ultimately undergo a lot of wear after extensive use.

Your AC will typically become damaged after a lot of wear and tear, which is expected. Sometimes when you start hearing odd noises coming from it, you might wonder whether to resolve this issue yourself or work with a professional. Often when our AC is experiencing problems, they might be stemming from the compressor.

Such problems tend to be serious because the compressor is the heart of the AC. Its role is to pressurize the refrigerant in the AC so that it can take up the atmospheric heat inside your space and later release it outside. This way, you can seamlessly enjoy your online slots and take advantage of Thunderbolt casino bonuses without dealing with the discomfort of being in an exceedingly hot and uncomfortable space.

Once your AC compressor sustains damage, you have to replace it or get a new AC.

Signs that often indicate that your compressor is damaged

  1. The compressor fails to turn on

It is easy to tell when your compressor refuses to turn on. You could be inside your space, and it is unbearably hot, yet your air conditioner doesn’t seem to cool everything to the desired temperatures. The fans might seem to work just fine when you look at the AC unit.

If your compressor is indeed damaged, you may notice that it isn’t running, despite hearing the fan and confirming that there is a power supply when you have a look at the condensing unit. If you try turning down the thermostat to resolve this issue and it fails to come on, it might indicate that your compressor is failing.

  1. The AC is emitting warm air

Sometimes an AC keeps distributing air despite the compressor being damaged. However, instead of releasing cold air, the AC will often circulate warm air. That could indicate that the refrigerant in your AC is getting depleted, which is easy to sort. On the flip side, it might mean that your refrigerant is actually leaking out.

Lastly, an AC that produces warm air could be doing so because of a more serious problem, a deteriorating compressor.

  1. A diminishing airflow

Diminished airflow is quite challenging to notice, but it is a good indicator that your AC compressor is going bad. When your compressor starts to get damaged, there will be an insignificant decrease in airflow. However, as this damage advances, you’ll notice a more substantial drop in the amount of cool air that is being released from the vents.

If you see even a slight decrease in the volume of air that comes from your AC, get a professional to assess whether the compressor is deteriorating.

3 Main Types of Technology Used in Compressors

  1. Piston refrigeration compressor

These are the commonest in the market. These compressors are also available in different configurations, that is, open, semi-hermetic, and hermetic. Piston refrigeration compressors are available for all the power levels, that is, from lowest to highest. This compressor requires constant lubrication and is also highly sensitive to any liquid present at the passage. The sensitivity usually causes damage to the valves found at the inlet.

Compared to the other compressor technologies, these compressors are more affordable and compact. Unfortunately, they also possess the least potent technology.

  1. Spiral refrigeration compressor

Spiral refrigeration compressors are also commonly known as scroll refrigeration compressors. These compressors comprise two volute rollers. One is anchored, while the other does eccentric orbital movements without rotating. This movement shifts the refrigerant towards the spiral’s center while simultaneously decreasing its volume.

One feature that makes spiral refrigeration technology popular is that it has fewer parts than piston compressors. Fewer parts translate into better output. The helical refrigeration compressor has limited power, but several can be amalgamated in a parallel pattern to produce high power levels.

Finally, they are much quieter than their piston counterparts, making them popular in modern fridges and AC units.

  1. Screw refrigeration compressor

This technology involves the refrigerant being scrunched by a helix-shaped screw, which rotates at high speed. The screw refrigeration compressor comes in two configurations; single as well as twin-screw compressors. They provide excellent output offering an extended product life.

These compressors are highly reliable but require correct lubrication to reduce noise, effect sealing between moving parts, and cool the refrigerant. They are more expensive than piston compressors.

Take away

An air conditioning unit is not cheap at all. Therefore if you notice any of these telltale signs, you are better off consulting a trained electrician or HVAC tech rather than turning it into a DIY project. Moreover, acting fast ensures that you waste less money trying to repair an irreparable compressor. If your compressor is completely damaged, it is a better idea to get a new one and have it installed by a professional.

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