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Various structures of trees according to different climate conditions

Big plants are called trees that are on our earth from millions of years. These trees exhale oxygen which is crucial for us as without it we cannot live. These give a variety of delicious fruits and nuts to us. Their truck is used for making wood and pulp to be used in forming paper. Their sap is also used for things like maple syrup. Due to all these benefits of trees, one should plant more and more trees. Growing a tree can be difficult from seed, so it is better to buy plants online or buy them from the market. You can plant the tree wherever you find any vacant place and should plant only those trees which can grow in the conditions of that place. For this, you must have knowledge of them. There are many kinds of trees according to their different shapes and sizes but first, we should discuss the basic structure of a tree.


A tree is divided into two main parts which are the upper portion and a lower portion. The upper portion of the tree is called the crown of the tree. The upper portion includes leaves, branches, fruits, flowers and twigs. The lower portion includes the trunk and roots.


This is the part of a tree where its food is made. Leaves use the sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and minerals into sugar and oxygen. They get the carbon dioxide from the air around them and minerals from the soil which are provided by roots. The color of the leaves in most of the plants because of the presence of an important element called chlorophyll. The sugar made by these leaves is stored in the trunk and branches. The oxygen is released into the air. The leaves are also found in various shapes and sizes.


These help the tree is spreading its leaves in such a way that they can get the proper amount of sunshine and air. They are also made to store sugar on them which is the food the tree made by its leaves.


This act as transferor as it first transfers the minerals and nutrients from the roots to the leaves of the tree. Then, it transfers the sugar made by the leaves using these nutrients to the roots. It also stores the sugar for the time when there can be a scarcity of food. The trunk of the tree further has many parts like bark, sapwood, heartwood, etc. Although, the bark is formed by the dead cells of the tree, yet bark of some trees is used to make several things like cinnamon, scents and some kind of poisons. One can observe a count of rings on the trunk which depicts the age of a tree. The trunk also helps the tree to stand up straight above the ground.


This part of a tree absorbs the rich nutrients, minerals, and water from the soil for making its food. These also hold the tree to the soil. That is why they spread to a wide area to absorb as many nutrients this can and to make their grip stronger.

Change in the structure of the trees due to change in climate and season

Plants adapt themselves as per the circumstances of the area around them. Thus, their structure can vary in different climate conditions.

Trees in hilly areas

These trees have sloping like structure which is required for snow and rainwater to fell down easily. These have conical leaves due to which these are called conifers. Owing to this shape of the leaves the snow and rainwater do not collect on the leaves. Examples of these kinds of trees are fir, pine, spruce and cedar. Spruce trees are used for Christmas decorations. The cone-shaped leaves of these trees remain green throughout the year and that is why these are also called evergreen trees.

Trees of tropical regions

These trees need more water and more sunlight. These are mostly found in tropical rainforests. Tropical trees like palm trees do not have any branches because these are basically from the family of grass plants. Bamboo is also a tree from the grass family.  Palm trees are also found in coastal areas like the date palm and coconut palm. These two palm trees are made to live in salty water which is ocean water.

Trees of marshlands

Marshlands are those areas, where the soil is filled with water because it is clay soil. The roots of the trees cannot get enough air because there is no space in the soil to get air, so they come out of the ground to get air. These roots are called as breathing roots. These trees can also survive in salty waters.

Trees of plains

There are two types of trees which are found in plain areas which are deciduous trees and evergreen trees.

Deciduous trees are those trees whose leaves fall off seasonally. They shed their leaves usually in winter in order to save themselves from extreme cold as the leaves hold moisture and can keep them cold. Oak and elm are deciduous trees.

Evergreen trees are those trees the leaves of which seem the same in all seasons. They also shed their old leaves and in that place, new leaves grow.  

After getting this much information about trees, you must shop for that tree which can grow in your locality. You can do online shopping for indoor plants or buy seeds from the market whichever is convenient for you.

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