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Useful and Functional Baby Shower Gifts
Useful and Functional Baby Shower Gifts

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Useful and Functional Baby Shower Gifts

Australia is the sixth biggest country in the world in terms of territory and land area. It has an overall population of almost 26 million people, yet it has a relatively low population density of three Australians for every square kilometre or seven individuals for every square mile. According to a report shared by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 305,832 babies were born in the country in 2019. Some families and friends celebrate the birth of these babies by sending baby gifts in Australia to the expectant parents.

The origin of sending gifts to mothers-to-be and their unborn kids seemed to begin in the US in the early 1900s. But reports revealed that this tradition can be traced back to the 1930s, referred to as the “stork shower.” So if you want to send an expectant mum some gifts for the baby’s arrival, these cute and practical finds can be your best options.

Baby shower balloons are a popular gift for new parents. The brightly-colored balloons may be used to celebrate the baby’s birth or to hold off the inevitable let-down of sadness afterward. They can also be purchased as part of a theme party or celebration, such as a gender reveal or sporting event.

Muslin Swaddle Wraps 

For years, shoppers can consider swaddle wraps or blankets made from muslin fabric as one of the most functional and flexible baby essentials. It is always included in most baby gifts in Australia packages sent to new parents. These products are lightweight and very soft. It also has a lot of functions.

Aside from keeping the baby warm and secure at night, mums can use these products as their nursing wrap, car seat cover, or shades for strollers during extra sunny walks with the baby. It is also useful as burp cloths or instant towels in case the mother left the little one’s bath paraphernalia during a trip. It would be best to get organic muslin swaddles in neutral prints to ensure the recipient will use your gift for years.

Toiletries for Babies 

New parents will realise that they can never have enough baby soaps and washes. They would also need a lot of nappy creams to help them clean and nourish the baby’s skin.

You need to pick baby toiletries made using the gentlest ingredients. Always read the label of these products to ensure that it does not contain any harmful ingredients like bleach, phthalates, paragons, and other synthetic chemicals. It is also best to select those made with natural ingredients to protect the baby’s sensitive skin.

Soft Toys 

You will be the instant favourite person of the baby, aside from their parents, if you give them their first soft toys. Plush toys can be the child’s best sleeping companion as they grow up.

When buying plush toys for the newborn child, you need to ensure that the product meets Australia’s soft toy guidelines. It should also come in the right size to avoid crib accidents.

Colourful Books 

While newborns have yet to learn how to read, sending them cute and colourful can help boost their development. You may choose board books that their mums and dads can read before bedtime or pick soft books that little hands can hold and play with as they grow up. The colourful pictures and interesting stories will keep the baby entertained for hours.

Picking the right gifts for baby showers can be very beneficial for the babies and the new parents. It will help the new parents complete the essential items that their baby will need, which means they can allocate most of their budget to the baby’s other needs.

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