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why Iphone needs magnetic case
why Iphone needs magnetic case

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Understanding Why iPhone Xs Needs A Magnetic Case

Rapid acceleration to enhance consumer adoption with a consequent increase in category innovation is the driving for smartphones supporting Qi wireless charging. With a range of exceptional features such as facial recognition, OLED display, and increased performance, the iPhone Xs is a smartphone of the future. Apart from being a phone, Apple’s flagship smartphone is a style statement and an investment. Just like other prized possessions, this phone requires protection in the best way possible. This will maintain the phone’s functionality and design features. 

Protecting iPhone Xs

The best way to protect the phone is by investing in an appropriate case. With a wide range of options, making the right choice might become confusing. Some of the options include bumper cases, wallet cases, and magnetic cases. The rule of thumb is selecting one that matches the user’s personality to get a superior experience. A good idea is to opt for a case that supports wireless charging while offering ample protection to this precious possession. The case should speak volumes about one’s lifestyle without looking like a brick. 

Using a Magnetic Case

The iPhone is part of the new era smartphones that support Qi wireless charging. This is technology allowing charging a smartphone over a very short distance without a cable. It is a very easy way to charge a phone and faster than regular charging using a cable. Wireless charging eliminates the need to always plug in your phone to charge and plug it out when full. Charging a phone wirelessly requires placing it on top of the wireless charging pad and wait for a little while. 

The iPhone Xs is a beautiful bezel-less smartphone with an all-around glass chassis. Regardless of the need to show off this beauty, it is important to choose the best iPhones Xs magnetic case  to cover it. For its premium price tag, this phone seamlessly handles a variety of applications including for adventures that require taking artistic shots of landscapes. Using this phone in all those situations is very risky not to use this phone without a cover.

Here is a catch

Apple claims to have used the durable glass to make this smartphone but you would not let it drop anyway. There is a big chance of the screen cracking and it is obvious that no one would wish to move around with a cracked phone in the back and front. Repairing an iPhone Xs after cracking comes at a cost bigger than the cost of previous models since this phone comes with multiple technologically advanced features. This emphasizes the importance of getting an appropriate case to cover this phone with a glass-covered chassis with an OLED display. 

Other benefits of the magnetic case 

Since wireless charging eliminates various issues associated with wired charging, investing in a magnetic case is very helpful. The magnetic case comes built to make use of wireless charging capabilities. This involves utilizing magnets for incorporating electromagnetic fields from a device. It allows making an electric current into the metal coil inside the other device. Since the iPhone Xs supports Qi wireless charging, covering it with a magnetic case allows charging this phone at home, in the car, or at work. This eliminates worry about low charge. 

The key benefit of wireless charging  is the capacity to support multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches using a similar setting. Charging your devices doesn’t require moving around with appropriate cable chargers all the time. Investing in a quality magnetic case will make charging the iPhone Xs a seamless process. With standard universal wireless charging, there’s no use to worry about moving to a new location without appropriate voltage adapters. The magnetic case will allow charging the iPhone Xs securely without exposing it to harmful elements with potential harm. 

Final thoughts 

It is true that the iPhone Xs has a durable design making it hardly breakable since it comes with a strengthened layer. The layer is 50 percent deeper backed by laser welded steel and copper bumper to make it the go-to smartphone today. This strengthens should be reinforced by covering the phone with a magnetic case. Fortunately, the case supports the phone’s Qi wireless charging capacity making it possible to avoid low charge anytime anywhere. 

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