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Ultimate Guide To The Types Of Mobile Spray Foam Rigs
Ultimate Guide To The Types Of Mobile Spray Foam Rigs

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Ultimate Guide To The Types Of Mobile Spray Foam Rigs

Contractors handling spray foam application projects requires investing in appropriate equipment. One essential accessory for spray foam installation is a mobile rig. This allows moving to the customers location with all appropriate equipment. Buying a mobile rig requires choosing one to meet your needs to support delivery of a successful project. Fortunately, mobile spray rigs come in various sizes to meet your needs and budget. 

What makes a quality rig?

The right rig should be equipped to handle turnkey projects or custom-made to your specifications. A quality rig is constructed to meet industry guidelines and d to offer exceptional performance. Each rig design should have a spacious design to help contractors maximize profits. The rig should come equipped with a heating system and robotic system. Additionally, the rig is sprayed entirely with closed cell foam insulating the turnkey investment. The rig interior has bright white or chrome lining with fluorescent lighting for maximum visibility. 

How to choose a rig supplier?

Regardless of whether you’re looking forward to buying a new or used mobile rig, where you buy the rig matters. It is very important to choose a supplier who puts safety first. The supplier should have enough industry experience, affordable equipment, and a variety of rigs. Additionally, choose a supplier with an affordable payment policy backed by exceptional customer service. Starting or expanding your business requires making smart decisions especially when investing in equipment. 

Types of rigs to fit your business needs

Truck rigs 

If you prefer a truck rig, it’s important to invest in the best spray foam truck for sale regardless of whether you’re buying a new or used one. This should meet your needs to upgrade your service delivery or to add to your current fleet to meet rising demands. The truck should handle your needs with enough storage space for equipment. A good truck should have low maintenance and durable for long-term use to give you good value for money. 

Eco-friendly rigs

These are rigs engineered to fit the needs of contractors regardless of whether you handle small, medium, or large operations. The rig has a spacious design for successful operations and well equipped with whatever you might need for operations. Eco rigs have a compact design to accommodate a variety of needs and come in various capacities. These rigs are built with environmental protection in mind. the rig has a low weight proportioner to lower carbon footprint when moving the mobile rig. 

Heavy-duty rigs

These rigs come fully stocked with the necessary equipment and protected flooring to give the contractor years of use. Heavy-duty rigs are ideal for turnkey projects handling all spray foam projects. The best thing about these rigs is holding more materials and having longer heated hoses. This rig might include an aluminum cargo trailer fully equipped with a heating system and robotic system to handle all your spray foam applications .

A heavy-duty rig allows installing spray foam  to manufacturer’s specifications with exceptional quality and good production rate regardless of project size. With this rig, you can handle a variety of huge projects including commercial roofs, bridges, or high volume roads. This rig has a spacious interior with more cabinet space and polyuria floor for durability. 

Custom rigs

These are rigs made to meet your specifications to accommodate any mobile or plant spray foam application. A custom rig is ideal for any project size or business type and comes with a trailer type according to your requirements. Opting for a custom rig is a great option for huge projects that require specialized equipment. You need to talk to the company rig engineers who will guide you through the design and build process. 

Perhaps you have a box truck or trailer. The company certified expert will customize the design to maximize your truck space to build a rig to meet your project requirements. even when you have a complex project requiring multiple sets of foam and proportioners, the company engineer will build the right rig to fulfill your project needs.  

Box truck rigs 

If you opt for a mobile box truck rig, it should be constructed under strict guidelines with proper load distribution. The box truck should have a calculation for torque weight, axle strength, material location, and spray foam equipment. This will ensure appropriate balance and safety during transportation. The company should offer faster assembly for an all-in-one truck to meet your business needs. A box truck rig is ideal for residential projects for insulating attics, studs, crawl spaces, and other small to medium projects. 

Bottom line

Hope you have gained knowledge to make you select the right mobile rig for your spray foam projects. A reliable supplier should offer new and used rigs o fit your budget and project needs. 


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