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Types of must-have sales management tools to succeed in 2022
Types of must-have sales management tools to succeed in 2022

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Types of must-have sales management tools to succeed in 2022

Being a salesperson is hard work with endless meetings and emails. Easing your daily routine, sales automation tools will help you streamline all those manual and repetitive processes. As the digital transformation has started expanding in all types of business, we need to know the best sales management tools in 2022. So let’s take a closer look.

What is a sales tool?

Sales tools are a set of technologies used to generate leads, store contact information, create offers, and communicate effectively with the team and clients.

Why you need to use sales tools

The issue of how to increase sales is relevant for many companies in various fields. Even if your business is made up of three people, a few tools will help you.

They will not only simplify your daily routine but also save you time and money. Besides increasing sales, automation can reduce marketing costs and decrease the number of recurring tasks.

By using sales tools, you won’t lose information and a customer base. A systematic approach and control, as well as analysis of an employee performance, will help avoid many problems.

Types of sales management tools

You can find sales management tools in categories such as customer relationship management (CRM), video conferencing, email management, sales analytics, sales automation, and more.

  • CRM tools

It is software for organizations designed to automate customer engagement strategies. Before implementing an automated system, you need to know what tasks a system should solve. Based on this response, you will understand which features will work for you.

For example, Hubspot CRM is one of the most popular inbound marketing and search tools. It integrates content and email marketing, SMM, and SEO and publishes analytics in a user-friendly interface.

Other examples are such tools as Pipedrive and Freshsales.

The advantage is that they are often free solutions with a limitless number of users. You only pay for the extra features you really need.

  • Video conferencing tools

Video conferencing is an opportunity to communicate directly through communication programs with the target audience. In addition to conferences, you can organize joint discussions for correspondence and document sharing, as well as record conversations.

Top programs include Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and GoToMeeting. Zoom app has been especially successful, growing to more than 200 million users during the lockdown.

Before purchasing or downloading a program, there are three things to keep in mind: the features, the user experience, and the number of visitors you need.

  • Email management tools

Email management tools are programs that provide useful functionality to meet the day-to-day needs of working with emails. At present, companies work with different types of letters, coming from/to customers and partners. When choosing an email service provider, pay attention to the size of the software repository, usability, security settings, archiving capabilities, etc.

You can also choose the combination of some mail services and work with several mailboxes on one platform at once. A big plus is an additional functionality.

Mail services can also be integrated with various applications and tools, which simplifies the work with emails. For instance, you can create work tasks from a letter in Trello or an event in Google Calendar, organize joint work on the text of a letter with colleagues, and send capacious elements. Gmail, Zoho Mail, HelpScout, Hiver, and Front are quite popular in this list.

An important feature of these programs is the ability to generate email signatures. People often use them as a marketing tool. For example, brands can promote their sales in every email they send. Check out these email signature examples to see email signatures in action.

Email management tools

Custom signature creation is added to the email services such as HubSpot, Outlook, and Gmail. However, it’s better to take advantage of professional email signature generators as they provide much wider opportunities. For instance, you can install signatures for every employee and manage them from a central location without the need to ask people to update their signatures when your marketing goals change.

On top of that, such tools offer  a lot of advanced customization and styling options  suitable for businesses of all types.

By the way, many of these programs can be used absolutely free of charge with the ability to choose from dozens of templates to your taste.

  • Sales analytics tools

Analysis of data and information is an important component of any field of activity. For a salesperson, sales analytics is a valuable tool that helps you test how your business process is working, so you can make a profit plan.

If the company has implemented a CRM system that’s configured correctly, it is convenient to use analytics. If CRM is not yet installed or is not conducted systematically, you can use special software. Analytics will help monitor the implementation of the sales plan and determine the load and activity of sales during the working day.

Let’s highlight the following tools: Salesforce Sales Cloud, Groove, Looker, Zoho Analytics, and Clari. What’s good about these tools? For example, Clari gives users an overview of all options, including the date of the next meeting, progress toward milestones, and the chance to win each trade. Users may also use the priority matrix, which displays the probability of completing each transaction,  based on the person’s activity.

  • Sales automation tools

Sales automation programs are the tools that simplify repetitive template operations: data entry, task setting, customer communication, and mailing.

In the sales process, automation of customer relationships from finding leads to buying is required. You can also easily segment customers and access information about the current state of affairs in the company through automatic reports.

Sales automation tools

SalesBlink,, Sales Creatio, InsightSquared make up not a complete list of tools offered on the market. As a model, SalesBlink is a great solution that helps with cold calls, emails, LinkedIn, and meeting scheduling. Using such software, you will have a complete portrait of the client, so you can build the right interaction strategy and improve relationships with your contacts.


Sales management is an energy-intensive task in today’s world. That’s why every salesperson needs the right set of sales management tools. In this article, we talked about the essential software you might want to use in 2022. These include CRMs like Pipedrive and HubSpot, video conferencing software like Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Google Meet, email signature generators like Newoldstamp and MySignature, sales analytics tools like Zoho Analytics and Clari, sales automation tools like and Sales Creatio. We hope you’ll find something that fits your requirements and expectations.

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