Types of Alternating Current Direct Current transmission

Types of Alternating Current Direct Current transmission

The transmission in the Power System is done through two main types. Alternating current and Direct Current. They are further classified into many types depending on phase and wire used. 

Alternating Current transmission AC System

Alternating Current transmission is widely used and preferred over Direct Current transmission. Depending on our requirement we can use any of the following systems.

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Schemes Of Distribution System 

Single Line Diagram of transmission and Distribution Scheme

Three Phase three wire Ac System:

Three phase three wire scheme

This system consists of three wires and this system is most suitable for large factories which need a bulk supply. They get the required supply, directly from the sub-station. The power is also distributed here to various points like other substations and distribution centers.

Three Phase Four Wire Scheme:

Three Phase Four Wire Scheme

This system consists of three phases and four wires namely R, Y, B and neutral. This system is suitable for domestic purposes and small industries.

[The remaining are rarely used and also uncommon. They are used only if the requirement arises and that’s too for shorter distances only. I myself never seen the remaining systems live in my entire life.]

Two Wire Single Phase Ac System with one Conductor Earthed:

 Two Wire Single Phase Ac System with one Conductor Earthed

Here one terminal from the conductor is earthed. The total voltage is Vm and the root mean square value is Vm/2 .

Two Wire Single Phase Ac System with MidPoint Earthed:

Two Wire single Phase Ac system with Midpoint Earthed

Here the mid-point of the conductor is earthed. The total voltage is 2Vm (Vm + Vm). The RMS value is 2Vm/ 2 = √2 Vm

Three Wire Single Phase Ac system:

Three Wire Single Phase AC system

Three Wire Two-Phase AC System:

Three Wire Two Phase Ac System

Four Wire Two-Phase  AC System:

Four Wire Two Phase AC System

Two Wire dc system with Midpoint Earthed:

Two Wire DC System with Midpoint Earthed

Three Wire DC System:

Three Wire DC System - zzoomit



Which tool are you using for circuit diagrams?
I am using a draw.io for circuit diagrams.

Which is preferred more AC or DC?
Definitely AC Transmission system because for safe, secure and flexible.


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