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Try These Fun Apps for Birthday Prank Calls
Try These Fun Apps for Birthday Prank Calls

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Try These Fun Apps for Birthday Prank Calls

Birthdays are a great time of the year. They celebrate the day of our birth while providing a great excuse to splurge on cake and binge drink. However, while the usual festivities are a given, a great prank can make things more memorable.

Birthday prank calls are a harmless and convenient way to provoke hilarious, unexpected reactions. But only the best prank calls will do, and unless your improv skills are top-notch, we highly recommend using an app instead.

Prank Call Apps send prerecorded calls to your recipients. Each prerecording contains a unique script – a package delivery to the wrong address or a neighbor leaving notes on your door. If you struggle to make high-quality prank calls by continually forgetting your lines, apps provide an efficient solution.

To send a prerecorded call, follow these easy steps:

Step 1:

Browse through the app’s prank scenarios, determining which is best suited for the birthday boy/girl. Prerecordings can be heard beforehand.

Step 2:

After selecting your script, call the contact on their birthday.

Step 3:

Once they pick up, let the prerecording work its magic. All you’ll have to do is listen in live. Calls are also saved onto your file history, enabling users to listen again and share right after.

So which prank apps are best for birthday prank calls? Below are our top recommendations, along with their best prank scenarios you can try.


Known for its intelligently written scripts that are guaranteed to instigate fun reactions, the OwnagePranks app is a must-download. If their host of characters sound familiar, it’s because they’re regularly featured on the OwnagePranks youtube channel. This app continues to innovate, recently letting users select different accents on specific prank scripts. For the birthday boy/girl, consider sending the following prerecordings:

Package Delivery Thief

The prerecording is perfect if your birthday recipient is expecting a present delivered to their doorstep. Your friendly neighbor calls to say he’s received your package, mistakenly delivered to his home. After inspecting your amazing belongings, he quickly has a change of heart and insists they belong to him. To rub it in, you’ll need to pay to get your stuff back.

Noise Complaint

If your friend lives in a shared building with multiple tenants, this prank call is ideal. Your German neighbor ‘Flula’ calls about a noise complaint from your room, not having a wink of sleep from too many Tina Turner songs. After rambling about his daily tasks that include feeding the children, he will threaten to call the ‘PoPo’ if you refuse to stop.

JuasApp – Prank Calls

This prank app provides free phone calls by users logging into their Facebook account and recommending friends. In addition to free phone calls, users can enjoy calls with their details secured. Anonymity is achieved through the app’s phone system, ensuring user Caller IDs aren’t displayed. So you can tune in live, with practically no chance of being discovered. Try these prank scenarios for your next birthday call:

Smells Like Weed

During on-going celebrations, this prank will quickly cause fear and panic for everyone involved. Your birthday recipient will receive a noise complaint about how the staircase smells like weed. After claiming it’s from your room, he asks to put a towel under your door to prevent other neighbors from getting high.

You Hit My Car

A stranger claims that you hit their car, where you left a note offering your contact details. She smugly states your insurance company will cover the repair costs, ensuring her vehicle looks brand new. After laughing about the entire scenario, she will hang up.


This app is one of the premier prank callers today, having built an impressive subscriber count worldwide. With an improved user-friendly UI, it’s never been easier to make a call on their app. Most notably, their daily allowance of three prank calls a day, saving costs on buying prank credits. For your relative’s birthday, try these fun prank scripts:

Free Superbowl Tickets

Your local radio station DJ calls to say you’re on the air, offering the chance to win free tickets to the Superbowl. Claiming your friend tipped them off that you’re a big NFL fan, you’ll have to answer three questions to get the tickets. After getting all three questions wrong, the call will hang up.

Birthday Cash

Have a friend or relative called Brian? An elderly relative will phone from the post office saying she’s sending $1000 in cash to Brian’s home. She will then ask for your address but is struggling to hear you over the phone. After accusing Brian of being sassy, she ends the call confirming she’s sent the money.

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