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Truth or myth
Truth or myth

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Truth or myth: Is it possible to find a person with his IP address

What is an IP address, and why is it used?

An IP address is essentially a one-of-a-kind internet identification. Every device has its IP address, and computers communicate with one another and share content using this naming scheme.

A typical IP address (which uses the IPv4 network) is made up of four distinct integers distinguished by only a decimal.

While each device is granted its very own IP address, it is rarely accessible outside the web. On the other hand, Routers link to individual devices and then use their unique IP address to go to the entire internet. Thus, consider routers to be the link between your home network (or company, library, local cafe, etc.) or the global network.

Once you mail or go to a website, its IP address used would be that of one’s local router, which is offered by your Service Provider, rather than the one allotted to your pc. Regardless of whether one knows one’s device’s as well as network’s address, such numbers can tell a lot about who and what you are or what type of websites you visit.

How to find your IP address?

It’s possible that you will have to know your router’s IP address, as provided by the ISP. For services like VoIP discussions or remote-controlled software, it’s very useful.

You’ll also discover that your IP address is associated with a wealth of data about you, including your ISP’s identity and your geographical location. Because ISPs assign a set of IP addresses, this is the case. Using an IP address to determine your providers and location is as easy as checking a public database.

For IP address free check, just type “what is my IP?” into a search engine.

This is all you get with Google. There are a whole plethora of websites which will offer you the very same thing. Anyone may see it since the modem has asked permission and therefore disclosed the IP address when accessing the site.

See inside the router if you want to look up the user’s IP address of some of the other devices connected. The brand or software that your router runs determines how you utilize it. In most cases, users must be able to access the router by typing its gateways IP address in the internet browser within the same system. So you’ll need to browse to anything like “connected devices” from that. Then you receive a comprehensive summary of all procedures currently network-connected, together with the IP address given to each of them.

What can an IP address tell you?

IP addresses disclose your location, but still not your exact location, such as your residence, but not your name, contact information, and other sensitive personal data. Nevertheless, IP addresses may expose the state, ZIP code, and area code of a place at which you are directly connected at the time – that’s the reason IP addresses vary each time you join from a different location or use another router.

And it’s usually the IP address of your router that’s exposed, but never the IP address of the internet-connected gadgets like a computer, tablets, or smartphone that connect with a network to access the web. Although these connected devices are sharing an IP address to your network, your router grants your computer internet access to use its IP address.

Because of this, the IP address nearly always exposes the location of the ISP’s nearby servers rather than your real location, so it shows your ISP’s identity.

Can an IP address reveal identity?

No, Others, on the other hand, can put together pieces of your identification by tracking your internet activity by utilizing the IP address.

The IP address, for most of the part, gives you the ISP’s city, Postcode, and area code, including its name.

 Can I get hacked if someone knows my IP?

Hacking somebody’s public Ip is quite challenging. Internet providers or routers use firewalls. On the other hand, hackers who get the IP address can acquire some really crucial data about you, such as your region, state, or ZIP code. In addition, attackers might use your geolocation to find out more personal details about you.

Ports, which operate as entrances, are connected with every IP address. An IP address is a one-of-a-kind identifier for your computer, and port is the gateway through which apps, as well as other devices, may communicate with you. If the device is linked to the network and running apps, it may have channels open, allowing hackers to gain access to your network or discover your IP address.

When a hacker obtains remote access to your computer, either through software or a virus, they will become capable of viewing all your data as well as your web history. Such files might be viewed and modified, as well as your web passwords, bank information, or social media accounts.

Can I get hacked if someone knows my IP

How to protect your IP address?

It is advised that you mask your actual IP address in order to protect yourself securely online. This may be accomplished by establishing a VPN. While you use a VPN, your internet service provider, governmental actors, or hackers wouldn’t know where you are and who you are whenever you browse the internet.

other ways to protect your IP address are:

  1. make your own passwords. The only way to prevent others from obtaining your smartphone is to change the password.
  2. all of your apps should be restricted.
  3. be Wary of Phishing Scams and Malicious Contents.
  4. use Additional Layers of Protection.


To conclude, it explains that getting someone’s IP address will not make it possible for anyone to hack your device. They will need much more so that they can hack your device. On the other hand, it can still aid in hacking your device. Nevertheless, it is not a myth, but it is still not that easy for hackers to hack simply by knowing only the IP address.

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