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Top Tools For An Electrician
Top Tools For An Electrician


Top Tools For An Electrician

An electrician is a person who handles work related to electrical. It may be anything like work related to residential house wiring, works related to repairing or installing a new electrical device and so similar works. For all these to be done perfectly, these top tools for an Electrician are a must.

1.Wire Stripper:

A Wire Stripper serves as one of the most important tools. This is because all electrical works need a wire to be connected with supply. A wire stripper is used to remove the insulation part of the wire. Some appliances come with a ready-made plug but few need to assemble manually. In residential house wiring, wire striper serves as a major part.


A Tester also plays an important role for an electrician. A Tester only helps them to identify whether the supply is present or not. Nowadays, A digital tester was also available in the market. In olden type tester, it used a small light to show the presence of supply. But digital tester uses a reference value and it will be compared with the observed value to show the output.

3.Drilling Machine:

A Drilling Machine is a device that is used to make holes in walls, Cardboards, Wood and so on. Depending on the size we can change the drill bits. At the time of buying itself, you should take great care and choose the products that come with more accessories. If you think you can buy it on future, then it will be difficult to get accessories as per your exact requirement.

4.Insulation Tape:

An Insulation Tape also called as Electrical Tape is also a much need one for an electrician. An Insulation Tape is used to provide electrical insulation to wires. For example, When two wires are connected, it usually made insulation with the help of Insulation Tapes.

5. Multimeter:

A Multimeter is an electronic measuring instrument which is capable of measuring Voltage, Current and Resistance. It comes with a two metal leads to measure. Some Meter comes with magnetic leads to measure the values but the basic use remains the same.


The Hammer is a tool to handle hard substances. In some areas, we can’t use the Drilling machines. In that area, Hammer can be used. The Hammer can also be a substitute for Drilling Machine. The Hammer can also be used for some mechanical related works but the most common use of the Hammer is installing and Uninstalling the nail.

7.Cutting Plier:

Cutting Plier is a tool for cutting a wire. If the wire is single-stranded (less diameter), it’s enough to use wire stripper. But in case of thick multistranded wires, we need to use Cutting Pliers. The cutting Plier should only be used for cutting purpose. If it used for other purposes like hitting, it’s quality will affect.


Wrenches can be a substitute to spanners. Instead of having spanners of all size, it can be replaced with a single Wrench. It can also be used for plumbing works. Most often in electrical, it is used less.

9.Extension Box:

The Extension Box can be used in places where no direct supply point is available. The supply can be taken from nearby places with the help of Extension Box. The Drilling Machine is the main tool in which Extension Box is needed.

10.Testing Lamp:

The Testing Lamp is the main device to check the continuity of the line. It also needs suitable plugs with a wire. Continuity can also be checked with the multimeter.

These were the most common and much-needed tools for an electrician. Besides these, some rarely used tools also there.



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