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Top Tips on Making Christmas Special for Your Kids
Top Tips on Making Christmas Special for Your Kids

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Top Tips on Making Christmas Special for Your Kids

For most people, the month of December is not only the most wonderful time of the year, but it is also the busiest. Many people have office parties to attend, need to visit relatives and, if you have children who have birthdays in December, you will likely need to spend a bit of time arranging their parties too.

Of course, there is more to Christmas than simply spending money and having parties. This is the prime time of the year to prioritize your kids’ happiness and aim to build up some happy memories with them that will last a lifetime. Many parents feel that happy memories with kids equate to spending money, but this is not the case and even at Christmas, you can make some great memories with your kids without breaking the bank.

How, you ask? Read on for some top tips on how to make Christmas special for your children without spending a fortune.

Santa Letters

When you have kids, in the weeks leading up to Christmas, they may want to write a letter to Santa and of course, to visit him at the mall to ask in person. And of course, to make sure Santa has visited your home, you will likely need to put out milk and cookies too.

Why not up the magic feels for your children by having Santa write back? You can do this yourself (just be sure to disguise your handwriting) or you can buy a Santa letter online. Real Santa Letters are available from many online stores and can be personalized to let your child or children know that Santa received their letter and will get on to getting them what they want. These bought letters for your child are not expensive and can get your kids excited and looking forward to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Christmas Movie Night

Everyone loves Christmas movies, from It’s a Wonderful Life, to Die Hard to a Muppets Christmas Carol. And of course, the Snowman. Why not have a Christmas movie night? Many online streaming services will have a range of Christmas movies to choose from, which can make the Christmas period an exciting time. Why not spread out these movies, so you could watch one a day in the week leading up to Christmas? Of course, make sure that the movies you watch with your kids are age-appropriate, so maybe watch Die Hard when you are alone or with your partner after your kids have gone to bed.


Everyone loves Christmas cookies, and kids love making or helping to make Christmas cookies. When going out shopping before cookie baking, look for as many combinations of cookie ingredients as you can think of. Your kids may not be too keen on raisin cookies, but their grandma might be and would treasure the gift of homemade cookies from her grandkids.

If you are short on time (who isn’t at Christmas?), why not opt for buying store-bought cookies that are already in the shape of Christmas trees, snowmen, and bells? Then simply buy some tube icing and voila. You now have an activity to do at home that your kids can engage in quickly. Cookies can also extend to gingerbread houses and people too but be sure that you have a few tries of making the gingerbread at the correct density before doing this with kids. Gingerbread that is too hard will be tough to eat, and gingerbread that is too soft will fall apart when put into the shape of a house.

All the ingredients for both homemade cookies and gingerbread are cheap, and you can extend the activity of baking cookies over many days, with different shapes and toppings for your kids to choose from.

Turn Off Technology

When it comes to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, you will want to spend it with your loved ones. And while it is customary to have the television on in the background, or your kids playing their new computer game, try to limit the time spent on computers, mobile phones, or other machines. Of course, allow your kids to play any new computer game that they have been given, but be sure to spend some quality time together too, playing board games, eating Christmas lunch, or even going out for a walk or a drive to see family and friends.

This is inexpensive and can help your kids to build some good memories around this time of the year.

Make Decorations

Another key feature of Christmas is decorating the house, both inside and outside. So, when it comes to making Christmas special for your kids, why not make decorations with them that can be put on the Christmas tree or around the home? This will help them to focus their creative talents on creating something pretty, while also making décor that will hopefully last for many years to come.

You can try to make clay sculptures, paper chains, popcorn on a string, or simply paint Christmas-themed paintings to put around the home for the big day. All the materials needed to do these things are cheap and can easily allow your kids to engage in many hours of fun while creating them and having fun at the same time. There’s no downside to this.

Kids and Christmas

All parents want their children to have the best Christmas ever. While it may seem that you need to spend a fortune to make that happen, it is not the case. Consider that Christmas is about spending time with your family and so, aim to have as many outings to see lights or to visit reindeer at your local farm as possible. Turn off the TV, sit with your kids, read stories to them, and of course, allow them to get excited about Christmas day. After all, they are only kids once, and you will want them to grow up to have good feelings about this magical day and memories to last a lifetime.

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