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Top Reasons Why Bubble mailers Are the Perfect Packaging Solution for Fragile Products

The use of bulk bubble mailers easily saves businesses from lots of unwanted risks whenever they have to ship delicate objects to their clients, making them a must-have solution.

Running a business today entails more than having an inventory of premium quality products and extends to the efforts placed in ensuring excellent customer service. The modern customer has high expectations whenever they are after a product or service, thanks to the high level of competition that avails ready alternatives to them. This has necessitated businesses to up their game when it comes to the measures put in place to ensure that each client that seeks their services never has to go to the competitor next door. It is never easy maintaining such a perfect system as on the one hand; it involves offering the best products and services while on the other hand, there is the necessity of having affordable prices. The struggle to always have a perfect balance of these opposing factors calls for business owners to continuously look for suitable ways to minimize their operational costs without affecting the quality of their products or services.

One of the most overlooked areas when thinking about business operational costs is how much money is spent on the packaging annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. The truth is that any business that understands the power of the right packaging will always spend a significant percentage of their budget on obtaining quality supplies. This is because the standard expectation of any client that walks into a store or order products online is that they will receive a suitable package for their products. For walk-in clients, this is always much simpler as all one has to do is have lots of shopping bags in varied sizes to suit different products. However, it is a different game-play when one has to make a delivery for an online order as there are super-high expectations by the customer.

Currently, e-commerce has taken over, and every business, regardless of size, has to find a way to tap to this vast market channel that has redefined the norms of the business. It is, therefore, unavoidable for any business to not think about how much they would gain by taking their operations online. The massive growth of e-commerce has equally come with its fair share of extra duties for businesses, and one such critical aspect is in packaging. Since there is no direct contact with a customer who makes an online order, the first point of contact is in how the package will be delivered. This all-important aspect is a make or break factor that every client takes seriously, and there must never be any compromises on the efforts placed in the business packaging. The secret to attaining the desired success is having a tailored packaging that perfectly fits the products to be shipped.

For fragile products that are small in size, a perfect packaging and shipping solution to go for is bulk bubble mailers that provide lots of advantages including;

  1. The peace of mind on the protection of the delicate items. Whether you sell CDs, books, jewelry, or artwork, among other fragile products, bubble mailers are practical for their packaging and shipping. This is because these mailing enveloped have a protective air bubble lining that will minimize all external force on the items being shipped. As such, regardless of how far the package is to be sent, there is the confidence that the customer will receive it in one piece.
  2. It is lightweight and cheap to ship. The last thing any business needs has to be spending more on their shipping when they can save costs through smart packaging. Bubble mailers come as a perfect solution as they are lightweight and will readily be shipped as a standard envelope by most shipping companies. As a business, this means that all the extra costs that would be incurred when shipping other bulkier packages will be saved without compromising on the protection of the fragile items.
  3. They are affordable. Leading suppliers offer bulk bubble mailers at pocket-friendly rates allowing businesses to gain more value for their money. Typically, the higher the quantity bought the more savings the business will make and get to maintain better profit levels from each sale. As an extra plus, businesses are not limited to a single size of the mailing envelopes but can easily settle for a customized size that fits their products.
  4. They are waterproof. Imagine the horror on the face of a customer once he or she receives an order only to find that package was not well-placed and water got into the item they ordered. The good news is that with bubble mailers, you never have to worry about such unwanted risks that will quickly lead to the loss of a customer as they are waterproof. All items placed in the padded enveloped will, therefore, arrive in the same condition as when they were packaged.


With that in mind, you now know why bubble mailers are the perfect packaging solution for fragile products. Just be keen to ensure you are getting yours from the right source and you’ll be sorted out. 

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