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Top Rated Fire Extinguisher
Top Rated Fire Extinguisher


Top Rated Fire Extinguisher Price in Pakistan

The fire extinguisher price in Pakistan and as well as the fire extinguisher price in Karachi are pretty much the same. Most of them are available in the range of middle class whereas the range keeps on going higher for those who want fire extinguishers for big places to cover like factories or mills etc. Pak Communications covers all the ranges. Whereas the fire blanket price in Pakistan and fire cylinder price in Karachi is also one of the most concerned queries for those who want to buy some for their and their loved one’s safety.

Fire Extinguishers Price in Pakistan

As it is mentioned in the introductory paragraph that fire extinguisher price in Pakistan varies whereas most of them fall in the category of middle class range depending on what type do you want. For instance, most people want a fire extinguisher or two for their homes as suggested by experts. Because the wide availability of electricity, fuel, oil, gas, and other such facilities has created more chances of fire ignition than before. Therefore, it has become a dire need to have fire extinguishers at home and as well as at workplaces. And when one sees fire extinguisher price in Pakistan, he can easily conclude that this facility costs even lower than his entertainment costs.

Fire Extinguisher Price in Karachi

Furthermore, Karachi is the economic hub of the country and therefore almost every stuff is distributed to the nation through this city. Fire extinguishers are no exception. This reason logically makes a point to query the fire extinguisher price in Karachi. And it is already mentioned in the upper paragraph that the fire extinguisher price in Pakistan and fire extinguisher price in Karachi are pretty much the same. Delivery charges may vary in and out of Karachi but that does not make a lot of difference. Because many online stores like Pak Communications mention the prices with the delivery charges or deliver for free.

Fire Blanket Price in Pakistan

Fire blankets are a particular type of blankets made to protect the one who is burning. For example, if someone is stuck in a room that has caught fire and he/she is unable to get out of it then he/she can protect himself/herself by folding that fire blanket around him/her. And in this way, he/she will not get even a scratch and get out safely. Fire blanket prices in Pakistan also vary. They are made of quality wool and therefore, their range differs.

Fire Cylinder Price in Karachi

Fire cylinder price in Karachi and as well as other places varies to a great account. Because fire cylinders are more common and widely used than the mentioned stuff in Pakistan and Karachi. The prices depend on the weight of the cylinder and its capacity. For instance, the capacity of foam, water, gas, or any other fire extinguishing material in it. Moreover, you can visit Pak Communications to compare the prices and get your stuff at your doorstep all over Pakistan.


After reading the price details of the fire extinguishers, it is necessary for you to know certain types of the fire extinguishers and make it easier for you to decide which type of fire extinguisher suits your home or office.

  1. Water Type Fire Extinguishers are used to cool down wood, petrol, gas, electrical, and cooking oil fires.
  2. AFFF Foam Type Fire Extinguishers are suitable for use on class A solid combustible fires and class B flammable liquid fires.
  3. Dry Chemical Powder Type Fire Extinguisher can be used on fires involving solid combustibles, flammable liquids and electricity.
  4. Carbon dioxide (CO2) Type Fire Extinguisher can be used on Class B fires, those involving flammable liquids such paraffin or petrol.
  5. Wet Chemical Type Fire Extinguisher are used on deep fat frier fires and fat fires (Class F), some can also be used on A class fires (solids).
  6. Halotron Type Fire Extinguisher is a proven clean fire extinguishing agent designed for streaming applications in portable and handheld fire extinguishers

To conclude, fire extinguisher price in Pakistan and fire extinguisher price in Karachi are almost the same without much difference in them. Though general rates are mentioned in this article but these rates cannot be generalized nationwide. For instance, the same fire extinguisher might be of different prices in other parts of the country than Karachi. Therefore, the fire extinguisher price in Pakistan cannot be generalized in the changing era of prices. But it can be concluded that the fire extinguisher price in Pakistan is super reasonable without compromising on the very quality of the material in it. And the prices of other mentioned items in Pakistan and in Karachi are reasonable too. Though they keep floating for various uncertain reasons.


  1. What is the clearance for fire extinguishers?
  2. 4 Inches of clearance between their bottom and the floor.
  3. How many fire extinguishers do I need at home?
  4. One fire extinguisher for every floor including the basement.
  5. Where should I keep fire extinguishers?
  6. The areas that are accessible within seconds.
  7. Do fire extinguishers expire?
  8. Yes, fire extinguishers expire. Most of them need refilling after every twelve months (one year).

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