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Top Professional Organizations for Certified Medical Assistants
Top Professional Organizations for Certified Medical Assistants

Health Care

Top Professional Organizations for Certified Medical Assistants

Medical assistants are in high demand, and the profession is expected to grow 31 per cent by 2020. Certified medical assistants (CMAs) can expect even higher salary opportunities, which may give them more financial standing than many new nurses upon graduation. So, we decided to create this article about Medical Assistant certifications with the help of MedAssistantEdu to ensure that we provide the best possible details about the topic.

Of course, advancement is not just defined by monetary compensation. Many CMAs will find satisfaction and benefits from joining a professional organization. By entering an established professional organization, you can expand your industry knowledge while also advancing your career. Here’s a look at five organizations that CMA s should consider.

Professional Association of Healthcare Administrative Management ( PAHAM )

PAHAM  is relatively new compared to other significant medical assistant associations, but it maintains a strong membership base from its unyielding focus on continuing education and innovative research. PAHAM ‘s most respected credential is the Certified Professional in Healthcare Administrative Management (CPAM), a must-have for any CMA who wants to advance within an organization.

American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing ( AAACN )

AAACN  was created as an auxiliary group to the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, so the organization has a long history of advocating for nurse practitioners. Today, however, AAACN offers CMAs an opportunity to advance their knowledge about ambulatory care. The goal of this association is to provide high-quality education and resources that benefit primary care providers.

National Association of Clinical Medical Assistants ( NACMA )

Founded in 1979, the National Association of Clinical Medical Assistants is the oldest national medical assistant association. The group’s focus is to encourage higher standards for the profession through advocacy and education. In addition to offering a certification program, this group provides networking opportunities and regular conferences where members can increase their knowledge base.

Association of Surgical Technologists ( AST )

The Association of Surgical Technologists works to advance excellence in surgical care through collaboration with stakeholders across all disciplines. This group focuses on four core areas: membership services, public health and advocacy, professional development, and advancement through research and education. As the largest professional organization for surgical technologists, this group is especially beneficial for CMAs who want to pursue supervisory opportunities or work in surgery.

National Association of Medical Assistants ( NAMA )

NAMA was founded to provide education and certification programs that enhance the professional development of medical assistants. The association’s goal is to help members gain skills necessary for career advancement while also developing a network. Members can take advantage of certification prep courses, networking opportunities, and continuing education events throughout the year.

American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA)

Founded in 1952, this organization boasts more than 25,000 members and has been recognized as one of Illinois’s top 100 not-for-profit organizations. The AAMA  offers four credentials: Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), Certified Surgical Assistant (CSA), Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA), and Registered Medical Assistant (RMA). Members also receive exclusive access to discounts at various retailers and special member rates on insurance coverage.

American Medical Technologists (AMT)

If you’re interested in advancing your career through advanced education, then consider checking out AMT. This organization was founded by CMAs who wanted to create their registry exam. Now known as the certification for the Clinical Laboratory Sciences, this prestigious credential is held by nearly 15 per cent of CMAs nationwide. CMAs may also want to check out AMT’s two other certifications: Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) and Certified EKG Technician (CET).

National Healthcareer Association (NHA)

What does CMA s think about when they imagine a successful future? Perhaps it’s working in an administrative role at an academic medical centre or writing medical reports for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If that sounds like your endgame, you’ll probably be interested in learning more about NHA and its different credentials. CMA s may want to begin with the Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist (CHDS), which prepares graduates to take on administrative roles in either a hospital setting or medical records department.

International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA)

If you speak another language or are fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), this organization has something valuable. Besides holding various specialized workshops throughout the year, IMIA offers students who pass an exam with advanced standing in interpreting at a post-secondary level. The credential is recognized by major universities nationwide and can help you land jobs no matter what direction your career takes.

These are just a few of the medical assistant associations that hold events throughout the year. By joining one or more of these groups, you can join professional development talks and network with other CMAs across all experience levels. And who knows? Your membership may even pay off by helping you advance to an administrative role at your hospital.

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