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Top athenahealth EHR software benefits you need to know about

An industry leader with almost 25 years of experience, athenahealth EHR offers a top-rated medical software solution that helps practices improve efficiencies. Owning a pool of talented experts, the company is highly appreciated for the benefits it offers to the healthcare facilities that choose to implement it. This healthcare IT platform is flexible enough to meet the needs of practices of various sizes and specialties. With athena EMR demo available to users, you can see the product in action to evaluate how it performs in real-time.

Like all the best EMR software vendors, athenahealth EHR software offers comprehensive scheduling, patient charting, e-prescribing, and telehealth tools other than the front-office billing features. What really makes this software stand out is its consultation-based approach to reporting and practice management. This cloud-based clinical and financial solution combines services to reduce administrative burdens and elevate clinical efficiencies. It focuses exclusively on streamlined physician workflows to ensure patient-centric care. Patient engagement tools, such as patient portals, online scheduling, and remote healthcare capabilities are also there to improve patient satisfaction.

athenahealth pricing & reviews

athenahealth various pricing options for different types of users. The athena EHR cost for their basic package is set at $140 per month. You can also request the vendor to get a personalized quote. Most users find athenahealth software as a reliable platform that offers powerful practice management and reporting capabilities. This award-winning software provider offers EHR, patient engagement, and practice management solutions paired with top-notch services that streamline daily administrative tasks. The vendor’s solutions stand out with data-driven insights gathered from one of the largest networks in healthcare.

Athena’s updates and data-driven insights are continuously hared with customers to help them reach new heights of performance, success, and efficiency. Athena EHR reviews also confirm that the software assists medical experts in delivering the best patient care possible. The vendor is also recognized as a specialty EHR provider because it offers enough flexibility to cater to the needs of multiple medical specialties.

5 benefits of implementing athenahealth EHR software in 2022

  1. Do-it-all

athenahealth EHR is regarded as a one-stop-shop solution for medical practices of every size and specialty. It is neck-to-neck with a comprehensive range of features and add-ons to meet all the unique requirements of your healthcare facility. athenahealth review also shows that the software has received multiple positive mentions from users for providing an all-inclusive package for their needs.

  1. Improved patient engagement

This EHR platform offers an extensive range of useful patient engagement tools that enable patients to participate more actively throughout their care process. Providers can communicate with patients at scale to disseminate campaign information. Not only this, patients can also communicate securely with physicians, access healthcare information, request prescription refills, view lab results, and more using mobile devices. User reviews also suggest that athena EMR software facilitates timely conversations to help providers ensure better healthcare outcomes. The software sends automated appointment reminders to patients to reduce no-shows. Moreover, it features flexible tools to deliver customized care content.

  1. Patient-centric care

The software helps users automate many of their daily time-consuming and repetitive tasks. It provides quick access to patient information, insurance details, patient demographics, and other vital information, accelerating the entire care process. In addition to this, you can improve clinician morale while saving enough time for patient-centric care. You can also evaluate this aspect during the athena EMR demo.

  1. Workflow optimization

athenahealth pricing plans are set so affordably, even solo physician clinics can utilize this solution to access clinical information from various sources. This saves time and helps physicians provide the most accurate treatment to their patients. It efficiently optimizes your operational efficiency. Providers and patients can communicate via real-time messaging to bridge the gap between schedules. Alongside this, it allows patients to schedule their visits online, taking a lot of burden off the front-desk staff. You can configure functionality to drive patient satisfaction, meet unique practice requirements, and limit manual tasks for the front-office team.

  1. Mobile-friendly platform

athenahealth software supports mobile functionality that enables users to perform all the tasks using mobile devices. It offers a mobile app that is compliant with iOS mobile devices. Healthcare professionals can use this application to write notes, prescribe medications, access schedules, communicate with patients, manage inboxes, and request labs. This is one of the most highly appreciated aspects attributed to athena EMR.

What makes athena EMR a “best of breed” solution?

  • The software enables providers to improve patient information security, reduce medical errors, and enhance clinical decision-making.
  • It gives users the opportunity to connect seamlessly with affiliated clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and labs.
  • Athena EHR reviews confirm that it supports easier participation in Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH), Meaningful Use, and other compliance programs, along with electronic prompts that ensure the documentation of required data at the point of care.
  • It doesn’t require users to store, manage, and retrieve bulky paper records – giving easier access to clinical data.
  • The software comes with hundreds of billing tools that improve higher first-pass resolution rates by carefully scrubbing claims prior to submission.
  • You can use athena EHR software to increase daily traffic and reduce no-shows. Patients can manage appointments online and check-in prior to visits.
  • The platform supports interoperability by enabling you to securely exchange healthcare information across multiple organizations. You can directly connect to pharmacies, imaging centers, labs, public health registries, and more.

Wrapping up

athenahealth EHR offers a flexible and affordable medical software solution for healthcare facilities of all sizes. You can utilize this health recording platform to promote better healthcare outcomes and improve workflow efficiency. It has received perfect-starred reviews from users for its robust features that are designed to streamline your daily clinical, financial and administrative processes. For more information about this product, visit Software Finder and get in touch with our team of experts.

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