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gadgets 2050
gadgets 2050

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Top 10 gadgets that will disappear in the future | Future Gadgets 2050

Each and every day the world is moving towards update, anything it may be like applications, Software, gadgets even in food style. Here are few gadgets future 2050 and gadgets that will disappear within few years because of a technology upgrade.

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In many houses, it was already disappeared but within 5 years it will disappear totally. Some radio stations of tier 1 countries also closed radio stations and moving towards mobile app. If you download and install specific apps, you can enjoy the live telecast. You can also enjoy the live streaming on the web also.

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2.Storage devices:

Imagine the history of storage devices from olden days to now. It started from magnetic tapes and floppy disks now we are in hard drives and cloud storage. The experts had predicted even pen drive will disappear in few years because of flexible and fast cloud storage and transfer. When comes to privacy it would be much safer than Pen drives and Hard disks. No one can steal your data. The Cloud storing service providers are spending millions on money on keeping the customer’s data safe. In upcoming years cloud storage plays an important role.

3.Wired Chargers:

With the evolution of wireless charging technology, wire charging is going to disappear within 5 to 7 years. Already Apple has launched its wireless charging for an iPhone but in upcoming years other brands will also launch their wireless chargers.

4.Fossil fuels:

Each and every country is moving towards the use of solar power. Within few years all other sources of power production will reduce their power production from fossil fuels. It might take at least 25 years but their improvement can be seen in upcoming years.

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5.Fuel vehicles:

As we need to keep enough resources for our future generation, it’s high time for each and every individual to move towards the use of solar products. Till now the scientist has achieved to charge a solar car within 8 minutes. It was expected by the end of 2030 each and everyone in the world will have at least one solar products.

6.Tv Remote:

It was expected that TV remote will be replaced completed by speech recognition or motion recognition within 5 years. Day by day research is going on in this field and it will completely eliminate the use of the remote.

7.Jobs of certain Industry:

It was predicted that artificial intelligence will destroy many people jobs. One such example is Call center and Customer support companies. Pre-programmed robots will do their job and reply to customers.

8.Home Automation:

The Home Automation industry is developing day by day and it will eliminate the use of manual switching. All switches will be replaced by a sensor, mobile apps or Voice recognition. It will also increase the user’s comfort.

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9.Wallets and Cards:

The use of wallets and cards will be reduced in future. It will be replaced by mobile-friendly electronic wallets. It will also increase the safety of our money. People also interested in using the wallet transaction because of discounts and offers.

10.Mobile Phone Size:

The size of the mobile phone will be reduced to a credit card also there will be a transparency in their structure similar to unpolished mirror glass. It will create a more demand in the mobile phone market.

These are some of the gadgets that will disappear in future 2050, besides these many are there in our daily routine.





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