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Top 10 Dollar Empire Wholesale Products Categories

Dollar Empire has been supplying products to many dollars and 99cent shops since 1884. They work with the purpose of providing quality products at one dollar or less.

Retailers can buy all of their stock from the Dollar Empire without searching for different suppliers.

Their versatile range and low prices make them good suppliers for all kinds of retailers.

Dollar Empire can be a good wholesale business partner if you want to start a dollar one-stop shop. In this article, we   will discuss some of the best Dollar Empire products.

Best Dollar Empire Categories

·       Stationery Products

Stationery is essential for kids’ study and other purposes. Because of its high demand, you need to add stationery items in your one-stop shop. You will find good quality stationery items at Dollar Empire.

Also, there are is a variety of new stationery items like notebooks, envelopes, pens, pencils, and many others. The low prices for these stationery items will help you secure a huge profit.

·       Seasonal Items

Seasonal events present the best chance to enhance sales. Avail this opportunity with the assistance of Dollar Empire Wholesale Marketplace. They provide different products for various seasonal events like Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day, and others.

·       Plastic Products

Some basic plastic products are necessary at every home. Dollar empire provides you with a variety of plastic products like fruit baskets, storage organizers, plastic pots, and many other items used in daily routines.

By adding these items in your stock, your sales volume can be increased.

·       Picture Frames

Another quality item that you can add to your merchandise store is the beautiful variety of picture frames. Dollar Empire offers a variety of picture frames of different sizes, colors, and materials.

The attractive designs of these frames will bring more traffic to your one-stop store.

·       Party Decoration Items

Parties are the best way to celebrate events. For this reason, clients demand various party items for decoration as well as celebrations.

Dollar Empire offers a variety of these products.  They offer disposable cutlery, party sprays, invitation cards, and many other similar items.

·       Hair Accessories

Dollar Empire offers other valuable products like hair accessories. From hairpins to hair dye applicators, a wide range of hair accessories are available.

These all are offered at low prices and can be sold with a good profit margin.

·       Hardware

Dollar Empire offers various small hardware products that are frequently used in a workplace.

From tape to hand tools, they provide a variety of items for daily use.  It is a good idea to buy these products in bulk and then add them to your discount stores.

·       Footwear

The footwear from the Dollar Empire is of good quality and can be easily added to your stock.

Shoe insoles and slippers for daily use can be sold easily.

It will be an attractive offer for your customers as they find footwear and related items at very low prices.

·       Bath Accessories

Dollar Empire also deals with different bath accessories.  Bath mat, sponges, fresheners, mirrors, and cleaning items are some of their basic bath products.

These bath products are of good quality.  Adding them to your stock will result in an increase in your sales.

·       Food Container

Food containers are very common and basic in every kitchen. Dollar Empire Wholesale Business helps you provide a variety of food containers to its customers. The have food containers of different sizes and shapes in huge quantities.


The above list contains some of the best Dollar Empire wholesale products. Dollar Empire is   a good option because of its low prices. Moreover, they provide fast delivery.

You don’t need to wander in the market or contact multiple suppliers for various products.  Dollar Empire has thousands of products under one roof.

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