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Tips for Choosing the Right Size Tent for Your Outdoor Event
Tips for Choosing the Right Size Tent for Your Outdoor Event


Tips for Choosing the Right Size Tent for Your Outdoor Event

Do you know that the most ignored thing when planning an event is matters concerning the tent choice? All the focus revolves around flowers, sound systems, and other things, giving little to no attention to the day’s shelter. Always remember that the weather does not care about your plans and the success of your event.

If you are organizing an outdoor event like a graduation party or wedding, it is good to consider shelter. You can decide to buy one by choosing the best tents for sale from dealers or renting. While at it, scrutinize the available options to make the right choice. The below highlights will help you get the best tent option for your outdoor event.

Space size

The size of the area to conduct your event is important. First, you must ensure that your choices are adequate to cover all your guests. Depending on the number of occupants or the venue’s floor, you can guess the size. For example, a 20×20 canopy tent is huge enough to hold many people. A measuring tool will be helpful for surveyors to know the exact size to avoid renting or buying a smaller or bigger size than the intended one.

Number of guests

The number of people attending your event will help you determine the size of your tent. The more guests you have for your occasion, the larger the tent is needed. Sometimes you may lack the right size from dealers, especially if you are looking for one that deals with tents for sale. In such a case, you will be forced to hire more than one for your event.

Location and weather

Sometimes the location can only allow small sizes, like 10×20 Tents holding a lower capacity, meaning you will need many of them. Weather also determines the type of the tent, since, for cold and hot weather, you can rent or buy different sizes and materials that will be in your favor. Also, the tent’s surface may continue to help you determine the ideal size.

Height restriction

When conducting indoor parties and events, height restrictions could be an issue. You have to account for the height, width, and length, especially during indoor events. Always check out the space to get the right size, like a 10×20 tent. It doesn’t matter whether you have an indoor or outdoor event.

Intended style

Different occasions have different intentions, meaning their styles are different too. The color and style of your tent supplier should be something to have in your mind depending on your event. The arrangement of your chairs and tables inside the tent determines the type of tent to get. When you choose your tent, do not forget to consider the style and purpose of your occasion. For example, a 20×40 pole tent is spacious enough to allow any arrangement. An idea of what you need in your mind will help you choose the right tent. Then, you can set everything into your desirable vision with the right size and color.


It is good to be choosy when it comes to the material of your tent because it determines the cost of both rental or the cost of the new rent. Sometimes, you can be forced to select a lighter material to maintain a low budget cost. But if the weather is bad, like rainy or cold, it is wise to choose heavy materials. Some of the existing heavy tent materials like vinyl-coated polyester and polythene could help resist even UV rays. Most of the huge tents, like 20×20 canopy tents, come in these heavy materials, making them more durable.

The type of a tent also determines its size 

There are different that can accommodate different numbers of people. For that reason, choosing the right tent for your event is wise. Conduct thorough research on various types and choose the style that best suits you. For example, pole tents like 20×40 pole tent come in lofted shapes on their top, making them look like a mountain because of their center poles. This type is only recommendable for outdoor events because its height would limit the needs of an indoor occasion.

Buying or renting the right tent size for your event will make a difference. You want to ensure plenty of space for guests, a dance floor, an eatery, and anything else within your plans. Using more than one tent for your event is always necessary to create more space for your guests. While there, an expert will help you plan and decide the right size of the tents you need for your event. Planning for an event, especially an outdoor one, is hectic. However, your handwork will pay you for an amazing event. The above checklist will help you choose the right size for your tent.

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