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Tips for Caring for Low Light Indoor Plants
Tips for Caring for Low Light Indoor Plants

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Tips for Caring for Low Light Indoor Plants

In recent years, houseplant sales have soared, increasing by 50 percent from 2016 to 2019. During the pandemic, the houseplant craze continued as many individuals decided to bring the outdoors indoors and even created social media accounts for their plants.

“Plant parents” experience several health benefits, such as decreased anxiety, better moods, and fewer headaches due to improved air quality. Indoor plants also serve as decoration and make a more cheerful atmosphere.

If you are ready to hop on the houseplant trend, you should know a few things first, especially if you live in an apartment or house without much sunlight. This article will consider some tips for caring for low light indoor plants so you can keep yours alive, even if you don’t have a green thumb.

Position Your Plants Carefully

The right lighting conditions are essential if your plants are to survive and thrive. So, try to place low light plants in an east or west-facing window, even if the room receives no direct sunlight. North-facing windows will likely be too dark, even for shade-tolerant houseplants, and windows facing south will be too sunny.

Rethink Your Lighting

If all your windows face north or you live in a basement apartment, you can still enjoy indoor house plants. All you need to do is invest in some LED grow lights.

You should use blue LED lightbulbs for green houseplants, and for flowering plants, use red bulbs. Remember to leave them on for eight to twelve hours every day, or longer if you have large indoor plants.

Use Hanging Planters

Do you lack floor space or room for LED lighting systems? If so, you can get some indoor hanging plants and place them near windows. Here, they should receive plenty of sunlight and take up minimal space.

You can also get creative and install curtain rods or other poles from the ceiling. This allows you to group several plants near the same light source, creating a humid environment in which your plants will thrive.

Brighten up Your Room with Mirrors

Hanging mirrors in dark corners is another way to brighten up your home. Directing the sunlight allows you to place your plants wherever you would like and is a great option for tall indoor plants that you wouldn’t be able to hang near the window.

Get Creative

Even if hanging planters aren’t your style, you can develop unique ideas for providing your plants with sunlight. Here are a few ideas:

  • Shelves on walls nearest to windows
  • Window box planters
  • Ladder plant stand
  • Hang pots on walls using brackets

While there is an indefinite number of ideas for placing low light indoor plants in your home, these will provide you with a bit of inspiration!

Caring for Your Low Light Indoor Plants

With these tips, your low light indoor plants should thrive, no matter where you live. Remember to choose varieties of plants that can tolerate your lighting conditions and climate since this will make it easier to care for them!

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