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Timber Cladding: Its Benefits You’ll Enjoy and Its Types

Cladding is a material placed outside a building to provide an aesthetic, protective, and functional finish. Long, thin, and overlapping boards are common in timber cladding. However, the cladding may also take the shape of shingles or panels.

Moreover, timber cladding has been used on Australian homes for centuries and is both attractive and long-lasting. Nevertheless, with even more cladding in the industry, we thought we’d look at the many types and benefits of feature timber cladding today so you can decide whether it’s the right choice.

Exterior timber cladding has long been considered an excellent choice for houses in Australia and worldwide. It has some amazing qualities that have helped it endure the test of time, but it also has significant limits as a natural resource. The pros and cons of cladding will have various degrees of influence and relevance for each person, but we’ll start with the positives and benefits they provide.

Types of Timber Cladding

One of the most important considerations for homeowners when considering feature timber cladding is which wood to choose. There are several timbers appropriate for cladding, and we’ve compiled a list of some of them:

Glulam Timber Cladding

Glulam timber cladding comprises many wooden layers linked together using powerful adhesives to produce a single, long-lasting material. Among the benefits are superior strength, rigidity, and longevity over other common cladding materials. Furthermore, according to research, Glulam is an ecologically benign substance that may help the government fulfil its glasshouse gas emission objectives. Glulam may be formed in several methods, depending on the purpose at hand.


Hardwood is just what Blackbutt is. It has appealing colours, generally in subtle tints and occasionally with pink undertones. The grain pattern is straight, and the texture ranges from even to medium.

Also, Blackbutt is a versatile plant that may be utilised in various ways. The material may be stained or polished. However, paintings may cause problems.

Multi-Depth Cladding

It is a design style that includes boards of varying thickness and widths. They work together to generate texture and depth. Depending on the strength of the light shining on the cladding, shallow and deep wood pieces cast shadows.

Western Red Cedar

This is often used for cladding because it does not rot, is resistant to wear and strain, and does not need any pre-treatment. Besides that, since it is soft, it may be shaped as required.

The Benefits of Timber Cladding You’ll Enjoy

Depending on your desired style, you may install timber cladding horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The benefits of timber cladding are the following:

1. Health Benefits

Apart from its aesthetic appeal, wood panelling is popular for contemporary and institutional buildings for various reasons, including greater productivity and stress reduction. Whether it’s an academic institution or a hospital, architects may make a statement by using wood cladding and enabling users to reap the advantages.

Aside from providing insulation for your home, feature timber cladding is essential for preserving the walls of your structure from mildew and moisture. Likewise, timber cladding is a more environmentally friendly construction material than other possibilities. Despite the concern about deforestation, it may be obtained from ethical providers, resulting in ecologically good solutions.

2. Easy to Install

Because wood is lightweight, installation is significantly simpler. Individual boards, for example, may be rapidly and easily attached to the outer walls. As a result, completing such a job will not take as much time as equivalent projects with a different finish.

3. Acoustic Sounds and Cost

Timber cladding is more cost-effective than other external finishing alternatives such as concrete and aluminium since wood is less expensive. Wood is extremely inexpensive to maintain, and because of its current insulating capabilities, timber cladding reduces energy expenses. The siding you pick may also assist in keeping your home cosy and warm.

Some wall materials enable noise to flow through. However, since wood absorbs sound, timber cladding filters and reduces noise.

4. Environmentally Friendly and Durability

When the durability of timber cladding is improved by alteration, it may endure for decades. Durability varies with wood type, which is why consumers choose treated wood for aesthetic advantages as well as enhanced resistance to mould and insect damage.

While some building materials are nonrenewable, wood is. As a result, producing wood requires only a small amount of nonrenewable fossil fuels. Because wood can be recycled, it is an environmentally friendly building material.

5. Effective Insulation

Wood’s insulating characteristics guarantee that heat does not escape during severe weather conditions such as winter and summer. This feature removes the need for AC units, lowering energy expenses.

Timber cladding has been an excellent choice for cladding systems in houses all over the globe, and it will most likely work for you as well.

Furthermore, timber is an excellent option for cladding material, given its benefits. It’s also available in a variety of styles, so you’re sure to discover one you like.

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