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Three Ways To Boost Your Garage Security
Three Ways To Boost Your Garage Security

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Three Ways To Boost Your Garage’s Security

You may not consider your garage as a storage room for your valuables. If anything, it is perhaps a space you keep items you hardly use! But the truth of the matter is your garage may have the most precious things you own- primarily, your cars. Considering that it also stores any number of chemicals and other belongings, it would be an excellent place for a burglar to check out besides. On top of the fact that it might also have a door connected to your home that is frequently left open, and it would attract any crooks!

Garage security is vital, but it can be troublesome to keep an area of your home safe, which you most probably use when entering the house. Luckily, Family Christian Doors, your Flower Mound garage door installation, and garage door repair experts are here to assist you. Below, we will educate you on how to keep your garage locked down, and they all start with your garage door.

Regular Maintenance: The Best Way To Guarantee Garage Security

Most garage doors- even the old styles ones- have locks. Functioning via different mechanisms depending on their age, they do an excellent job of stopping unwanted objects from passing your garage. Yet, like any garage door part, they work best when you have taken care of them well. You would not expect your care to go day in and out without proper care, even if that care is filling it up with the gas it needs. Why would you expect otherwise of your household’s other hardworking machine: its garage door?

Regular Inspections, Regular Check-Ups

The best way to keep your lock operating on your garage door is to have an expert conduct service annually, but we prefer twice or more. While there are plenty of videos online explaining how to replace a door lock, it is such a significant part of what keeps your stuff- and family- secure and safe. It is best to rely on professionals. But, that does not mean you are helpless when it comes to guaranteeing the security of your garage! Check your garage door lock as often as possible to see if mechanically it is working. We know it sounds apparent, but no matter if your garage door lock is old-style or automatic, it is easy to take your security for granted and forget it. Trust as we say: an occasional checkup is well-deserving of the problem a stolen car might cause.

Consider Installing Garage Door Security Cameras

If you are serious about the security in your garage, it is imperative that you also get the most updated technology. Improved security technology can come in different forms, but one of our favorites is the smart door opener with a camera from Liftmaster.

With wide-angle camera viewing capabilities, motion-detection technology, night vision, and crystal clear audio, you will always know what is happening inside your garage. The two-way communication enables you to confront anybody whom you see there. Given that it has connectivity to your smartphones, you can check in on the stats of your garage at any time. You can also receive live notifications from it if something is not as it should be. It is the epitome of high and efficient security; if you protect something precious in your garage or you want peace of mind- nothing can give it like this Liftmaster model.

Mind Your Emergency Release Rope

Many garage door openers have a rope that hangs down towards the ground, and it ends in a small piece of plastic. It is the emergency release system, and it allows you to operate your garage door manually if otherwise mechanically disabled. Yet, it is easy to get this release rope from the outside even if your garage door is already closed. It makes a perfect way for anybody who wants to break into your garage. Simply working at it with a bent coat hanger that can slip past a pushed top panel can be adequate to place your garage under the control of a thief. Solutions to this may differ depending on your garage door model and its features and capabilities. Before having any structural changes, call an expert garage door repair service. They can instruct you on how to stop this break-in method without harming your garage door seriously or yourself in the process. Even if you think your garage door is thief-proof, do not mess around or hold back with only garage door springs and garage door cables. It is not worth the risk.

Family Christian Doors: Your Garage Door Service For All Garage Door Needs

Our Flower Mound team is committed to bringing safety to your garage and your family. We offer a same-day job. Along with our professional garage door installers, we are confident we are confident in providing you quality and efficient garage door services. We also follow safety protocols. Our experts wear PPEs as they work. We ensure good results. For your garage security, give us a call now.

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