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There is no age limit for balloons!!

In need of decorations for parties in a pandemic? You don’t have to worry anymore!

Throwing a party might seem simple; however, planning for one memorable event might take a month. Planning for parties with friends with a lot of surprises makes the moment more memorable. Parties are incomplete without cake and colorful balloons. You can decorate by yourself or hire balloon decoration in Bangalore.

No helium tank? No worries!

Here are the things you can do with balloons, even without helium.

  • Make a balloon arch
  • Create a balloon wall
  • Hang the balloons from up high
  • Make a shape
  • Topping off the drink or cake

Accessories for Air-filled balloons:

With the advent of helium, air-filled balloon decorations are becoming more and more popular. There are many accessories with which we can inflate the balloons.

Air inflators

To inflate balloons with air without popping, one can use an air inflator. There are two main reasons why we should not use mouth to fill the balloons.

  1. The vapor in the breath can condense and make the transparent balloons look more cloudy.
  2. When a balloon pops while inflating air into it can cause a nasty sting to the face.

There are many different kinds of pumps, from heavy-duty pumps to economy hand pumps. Heavy-duty pumps are used for pumping large quantities of balloons, while economy hand pumps are used for budgeted quantities of balloons. To save time and effort, one can also use an electric air inflator.

Line and ribbons for suspending balloons

The ribbon helps to prevent the balloon from floating away. It is also used to tie the balloons to prevent them from falling down. You can coordinate the color of the ribbon with the color of the balloons if you have a particular theme in your mind. You can also use nylon or ribbon to tie the balloons to make banners.

Cups and sticks

Balloon sticks are a good solution if you want to hand out the balloons. There are two types of balloon sticks. One comes with a single mound of plastic with just a stick, and the other comes with a cup and a stick. Balloon sticks are also available in various colors. You can use a stick that goes with the balloon.

Balloon sticks are the ideal consort for balloon trees. A balloon tree is a stand with many holes in which you can place the balloons with sticks. Balloon trees are mostly used by retailers or in the exhibition for an eye-catching display.

How long will my balloon float?

The float time depends on many factors. It includes size, material and attachments.

Latex balloons :

The most common balloon which comes to our mind when we picture a balloon is the tear-shaped latex balloon. Latex balloons are mostly used during celebrations and promotional events.

The most popular latex balloons include ten and 12-inch varieties. The 12-inch balloon will float around 12 hours, and the 10-inch balloon will float around 8 – 10 hours, depending on the temperature.

Plastics bubble balloons

Since the balloons are made of strong material, it does not allow the helium to escape as quickly as latex balloons. It mostly comes in around 18 inch round balloons. It can stay fresh for almost 3-5 days.

What affects float time?

Mostly balloon attachment will reduce the float time due to additional weight. Filling the balloons with confetti and adding tassel garlands will also reduce the float time. Use a product called Hi-float which will extend the float time. Coat with the Hi-float liquid by injecting it into the balloon to prevent helium from escaping.

Things you can do for a party decoration:

  • We can make balloon lines with flowers and balloons with the help of strings and make them hang. The colors can be matched according to the theme to make them eye-catching.
  • We can paint the balloons with acrylic paint and sprinkle some glitter to make the balloons sparkle. You can also manually add drawings or hire someone for balloon decoration in Bangalore.
  • You can create designs on paper and glue them to the balloons to create a visual or a custom theme for your party.
  • Even if you don’t have helium, you can just blow the balloon and attach them with a string and hang them from the ceiling to create a floating effect.
  • You can also create giant Ice cream balloons by adding an ice cream cone on top of it. Use multiple colors to make them look enticing.

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