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Thedbs surgery is the best treatment modality to treat Parkinson disease
Thedbs surgery is the best treatment modality to treat Parkinson disease

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Thedbs surgery is the best treatment modality to treat Parkinson’s disease

Deep Brain stimulation is an important surgery to treat Parkinson’s disease. In this surgery, a device is implanted to send electrical signals in the brain areas that are responsible for the movement of the body. In the dbs surgery the electrodes are placed in the brain deeply and are connected with a stimulator device. It works similar to the pacemaker in the heart and a neurostimulator used the electric pulses to regulate the brain activity.

Indication for the dbs surgery:

The dbs surgery is indicated for Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder that affects the elderly predominantly. It is a progressive disorder that affects the movement of the individual. It starts as a tremor in one hand and gradually progresses to slowing down of movement and muscle stiffness.

As there are no specific tests that are available to diagnose Parkinson’s disease, the neurologist will perform a differential diagnosis based on the symptoms of the clients and with the help of a thorough physical examination.

Parkinson’s has become a very common neuro-generative disorder that can cause significant disability and decreased quality of life in the individual. There is no specific cure for the disease, and the brain specialistswill aim on improving the symptoms of the affected individual.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and when to consult the doctor?

Parkinson’s disease presents as a pill-rolling tremor in the fingers of one limb, even at rest. The symptoms progress as slowed down movement and the person might drag their feet when they try to walk.

The symptoms might progress as rigid muscles, that might get painful with a limited range of motion. Later on, the person might suffer a stooped posture and suffer balance problems as well. Also, the person might experience confusion, speech changes, changes in writing, and loss of automatic movement.

There is no single definitive way to define the Parkinson’s disease, and it is many times called as an idiopathic disease, to differentiate it from other neuromuscular disorders such as muscle atrophy and supra-nuclear palsy.Some of the best Neurology hospitals such as medigence is one of the best hospital for dbs surgery in Turkey that render expert treatment for Parkinson’s disease. The treatment is directed towards relieving the symptoms of the disease. The medicines stimulate the cells in the brain, produce more dopamine, and inhibit the production of acetylcholine in the brain. The brain specialist will devise an individual treatment plan based on the symptoms and condition of the client.

Who is this surgery for?

The exact cause of Parkinson’s disease is not known, but there are some risk factors for the development of the disease. The risk of the disease increases with age and heredity factors can also contribute to its development. Men are more likely to develop the disease than women and constant exposure to pesticides and herbicides can enhance the risk of the disease as well. The dbs surgery price in Turkey is very affordable and helps people to regain their way of life instantly.

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