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switch glass
switch glass



The future is now. Imagine having a glass that could offer privacy and clarity whenever needed. A switch glass can do just that. Switchable glass can turn opaque and transparent with just the touch of a button. When installed on windows, they can offer light or shade, just with the push of a button. Switchable glass can alternate between opaque and transparent using a remote control device, allowing for more control over privacy when necessary.

Further advanced models also allow for the switch between the glass states with an app, a tap or even with just a wave of the hand. This type of glass has many uses, and its availability of size options allows it to be installed anywhere—a genuinely 21st-century invention.


Switchable glass is made up of three layers; glass, crystal matrix film, glass. These liquid crystals are very responsive to electrical current. When the current is applied, the crystals charge and align with each other. The electric current passes through the crystal layer only. The layer’s crystals are now neatly aligned and allow light to pass through; the liquid crystals are transparent, leaving the glass clear.

When the electric current is shut off, the crystals are in disarray. They no longer allow light to pass through, and the glass immediately becomes opaque. The electrical current passes through copper wires, only exposing it to the crystals. These crystals form a polymer matrix shape and are placed within a highly conductive Indium Tin Oxide coating on a PET film, the middle layer. The film has a copper-strip border that surrounds the film’s edges, and this conducts the electrical charge distributing it across the film.

The three layers are put under high pressure and boiling temperatures to form a single unit. In summation, the switchable glass is transparent when the switch is in the on position and opaque when the switch is in the off position.


Switchable glass has a diverse number of uses besides privacy:

Projection Screen

When the glass is off or in opaque state, it can double-up as a screen. Using a projector, people can turn it into a home theatre with high-quality refractive properties.


A skylight is an excellent addition to a home to use natural light and save electricity. Installing a switchable glass on the skylight allows one to control the amount of natural light coming inside. Consult Clear-Vue Skylights in Orlando when you need to repair the skylight in your home or office.

Partition Screens

Using switchable glass in office spaces or other commercial buildings is an excellent way to ensure privacy. This glass is a popular choice for conference rooms and cubicle partitions to allow more flexibility in the workplace.

ICU Wards

Several hospitals in and around Australia use switchable glass in their ICU wards to give their patients privacy. This glass allows for bathing or changing a patient’s clothes, especially when they aren’t mobile, as it offers more privacy than a screen or curtain.

Changing Rooms

Switchable glass also comes with an auto-door feature wherein the glass turns opaque when the door is closed. This feature comes in handy in trial rooms or changing rooms in apparel outlets. They certainly offer more privacy than curtains and allow other shoppers to know which of the trial rooms are occupied with just a glance.


Having glass walls is an artistic addition to a bedroom or living room, especially when there is a splendid view outside. With a switchable glass, one can enjoy the view and some privacy whenever needed. Switch glass also works in a shower or bathroom cubicle and is entirely safe.

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