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The Power of Super Apps
The Power of Super Apps

Tech Updates

The Power of Super Apps

The creation of business ecosystems is gaining momentum. More and more companies are trying to create their own “Universe” with all the necessary functionality. This is how super apps appear.

A super application is a multifunctional mobile application that forms a single ecosystem. At the same time, the developers may not be related to one another, so their products are combined into one universe. A business ecosystem is created where independent producers of goods and services enter into partnerships.

What they give users and businesses

  • Super app for business brings excellent benefits. Users also benefit from using apps in the same ecosystem. This is what the super app provides:
  • Due to a large number of offers and expanded capabilities, the target audience is kept within the ecosystem. This allows the business to gain customer loyalty and expand its base. If you need to segment users for one app, then the super app allows you to add a wider audience.
  • The chances of getting on the such an ecosystem user’s main smartphone screen are high. Because all the main functions are in a single application, installing many other applications is not necessary.
  • Launching new products costs much less if it happens inside the system. First, there already is a specific audience, and secondly, there is no need to spend a lot of money on marketing; it is enough to announce a new product appearing in the ecosystem and talk about its capabilities.

You can make an open or closed super app. An open ecosystem allows you to recruit users faster, and the development will cost less due to the involvement of third-party companies. But the responsibility is also higher, it has its own nuances.

For businesses and users, the ecosystem is an ideal solution. Of course, it is suitable only for those companies that produce digital products regularly, create complex solutions and invest in digitization. Users get all the features they need in one place.

A super app can have several functions and include different components. But in most cases, its structure looks like this:

  • This program has a large and loyal audience. A core customer base must trust the company to offer many other products.
  • Payment system. Monetization of the program is possible if a payment system and wallets are connected. Users will be able to shop within the ecosystem.
  • Mini apps. These are small programs that are part of the ecosystem. These are different services that can work independently and interact with each other. For example, a chat that pulls into a food ordering service and a wallet that can be used to pay for orders.
  • Unique ID. It allows you quick access to all ecosystem services; you do not need to go through authorization and constantly enter data.

What is needed to create a super app

To make a super app, several conditions must be met:

  • It is necessary to first have a large user base with a loyal audience; introducing new services will cause many questions.
  • Large investments are required. If you plan to make an open ecosystem, it is necessary to involve third-party developers or hire your large staff if the ecosystem is closed.
  • It is necessary to consider how mini-applications will interact and what will unite them in one ecosystem. A super app must be properly built; it is necessary to understand the architecture and interrelationships of components.

Adhering to these conditions, you can build a super application. As a rule, market leaders, large companies, corporations, and marketplaces can fulfill these conditions. But more and more often, even small startups intend to attract investments to develop super app applications. If you do not know whether you need an ecosystem, or want to calculate how much development will cost, come to Geniusee and get a consultation. Create your digital world and fill it with valuable services.

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