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The Importance of Using Outrigger Pads for Your Crane

Using outrigger pads is essential to the safe operation of your crane. Aside from providing a secure foundation, these pads will also increase the usable surface area of your equipment. By minimizing the forces exerted on the equipment, these pads will also help you mitigate unexpected changes in the ground conditions. To ensure the correct outrigger pad size, use a crane weight scale or calculate the total weight of the equipment. For more information, check out Utility Products’ Equipment Showcase e-newsletter.

One of the safest outrigger pads on the market is manufactured by Mytee Products. They are made of High Density Polyethylene (HDP), a synthetic material that can absorb thousands of pounds of force. A two-by-two-foot HDP pad is only 30 pounds, and it is waterproof, chemical-resistant, and UV resistant. In addition, it is safer than wooden outrigger pads.

Outrigger pads are also great for promotion. In addition to absorbing the weight of heavy machinery, they protect the surface of the crane from damage. Plastic outrigger pads weigh one-tenth as much as steel and plywood pads, and won’t rust or splinter like wooden outrigger pads. Polymershapes can even custom-design outrigger pads to fit your particular crane’s needs. For more information about outrigger pads, check out our site.

Outrigger pads come in many shapes and sizes. While the larger square ones are the most common, they are more difficult to maneuver. Round ones, on the other hand, can easily be rolled into position. The material used for these pads depends on the rig’s storage capacity. One of the main factors to consider when selecting outrigger pads is the rig’s overall weight. While round outrigger crane pads tend to be heavier than square ones, they are still an excellent option for the safe operation of your boat.

Outrigger pads are very important when operating a boom. They ensure that the equipment is level and within the grade tolerance provided by the manufacturer. Using a spotter, boom operators should also test the outrigger pads to make sure they are level and within grade. If there are any problems, they should either stow the boom or add more outrigger pads. Ultimately, you want the outrigger pads to provide a firm foundation to your heavy equipment, so it is vital to have outrigger pads that can support the maximum load of a pick.

Shop outrigger pads for cranes now from Prime Tech Pads. Using outrigger pads helps protect both your equipment and your team during lifting operations. They are available in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes, and are engineered to work with all kinds of equipment. And DICA is a 22-year TCIA Corporate Member and a leader in engineered outrigger pads. If you’re in need of outrigger pads for a crane, you can count on our engineers to provide the best solution.

Outrigger pads made of synthetic materials have a better defense against chemicals and moisture than wood. They weigh half as much and won’t take on excess weight from moisture. A good choice for your outrigger pad is a reversible outrigger pad. You can even buy one that is easily removed. But you’ll want to be sure that it’s the right size for your particular vehicle. That way, you can be sure that you won’t be stuck with a pad that doesn’t fit.

Another type of outrigger pad is a single piece or unibody structure. Its primary purpose is to support equipment and distribute load to the ground. These outriggers are available in round, square, and rectangular configurations. They’re typically made of wood, metal, or synthetic material. And if you’re unsure of which material to use, you can always consult your manufacturer to see which options they offer. Aside from cribbing, outrigger pads can also have adjustable footplates, which can be used on a crane’s legs.


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