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The GTG-L60 60” Spectrum RGB Reversible L Shaped Glass Desk: The Perfect Gaming Setup

Setting up for a good game isn’t just a spur of the moment thing. Making sure you’ve got the right desk, the right layout, the right chair, and the right wrist support is all essential to the process.

And when you want to set out just the right gaming corner, buying a desk with the right customization options and accessories is key. Which is why our GTG-L60 desk is such a perfect fit for gamers of all ages.

At Eureka Ergonomics, we’ve made it our mission to design and manufacture the best gaming related furniture that features the right up to date technology. And when it comes to gaming precision, this L shaped desk is a cut above the rest.

Check out its stats below:

Gaming Desk Basics

The surface of the desk is created to be sleek, modern, and attractive. Featuring a tempered glass tabletop, this makes it heat and scratch resistant and also waterproof. This means your gaming sessions won’t be interrupted by marks or spills.

The bottom of the GTG-L60 is composed entirely of solid carbon steel, making it a dense and supportive structure for up to 330lbs. You’ll have plenty of legroom thanks to the wide and high 30 inch design, but you won’t have to worry about either end becoming top heavy either.

RGB Customization

The main draw to the GTG-L60 desk is just how impressive it looks when the full set of RGB lights are in use. Indeed, the impact of these lights is second to none. Over 200 of them are built into the display and can be easily brightened as well as dimmed in a matter of moments.

The RGB software itself is our very own patented technology. We pride ourselves on ensuring the gaming experience you get with this desk can’t be found anywhere else. The use of inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity means the lights can be controlled from your phone and/or your PC whenever you want to change them.

The color is full spectrum, with an audio reactive element that makes for a satisfying gaming experience. Capable of syncing with whatever music you’re playing or experiencing in-game, you can also select the pattern in which the RGB lights move. But if that’s not for you, you can set the lights to be static at all times too.

An Easy Assembly

This particular model of L shaped desk also comes with a very easy to use assembly system. Made to be easily moved and/or dismantled, our experts have been able to set it up in a number of minutes each time.

As an ergonomic desk that’s designed to be the ultimate comfort for any and all gamers out there, this desk was made to be a simple set up and go job. Included with the product is a full length manual to enable you to get up and gaming in around 5 to 10 minutes.

Great Ways to Get Set Up

No matter what way you want to get set up, this L shaped desk is perfect for any and all of your needs.

No matter the orientation in which you like to game, whether it’s due to the shape of your office, bedroom, or whatever hand you that’s on the mouse, the L shape can be adjusted to fit. You can change it from a left to right orientation and back again whenever necessary; this change is made to be easy to manage depending on whoever is using the desk at the time.

If you want to tuck yourself into a corner, this desk can also be used to create a private gaming zone. As such it makes for a good boundary if you’re trying to separate one room out into two, such as with a home office.

All the Gaming Accessories You Could Ever Need

An L shaped gaming desk is one of the best accessories you could ever have. But we’ve also taken it the extra mile here and ensured you’re able to benefit from other in-built accessories that’ll make your sessions easier.

You’ll benefit the most from the built-in cupholder that’s situated just below the desk itself. This keeps debris off of your surface level gaming space and helps to reduce spillages over time. Coupled with the waterproof glass included in the design, this ensures the desk will stand the test of time.

There’s also a dual headphone hook to allow for more than one set to be in use at any time. If you use separate speakers and microphone, for example, you can hook both up here for ease of access at all times.

You’ll also have an attached power strip to keep cables tidy, no matter how many there are. These can be a real eyesore in a gaming setup and that’s something we wanted to eliminate right away.

A Great Desk for Every Purpose

It’s not just the gaming crowd that’ll love using this particular L shape desk – it’s a good fit for many other uses as well. If you’re a home or remote worker, or you’re self-employed and looking to set up a personal office, this desk can once again be used for efficiency.

Not only does the ergonomic design support gaming use (which is the most extensive use a desk can get), but an 8 hour shift can be pulled in front of it with no issue. If you’re concerned about the effects of sitting down all day long, having an adjustable desk that moves to suit you can save your muscles and posture for much longer.

Even just casual use of the computer is great at an L shaped desk. You can benefit from the use of multiple monitors, which can allow someone to work or study while simultaneously watching something for entertainment.

Comfort is the future of desk design and the GTG-L60 has a lot to offer anyone needing a desk upgrade that’ll suit them.

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