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The Design Concept Behind Tesla and Their Battery-Powered Vehicles
The Design Concept Behind Tesla and Their Battery-Powered Vehicles


The Design Concept Behind Tesla and Their Battery-Powered Vehicles

Technology is fast changing the world today, and there have been significant innovations thanks to it. Today, one of the leading companies globally is Tesla who is changing the concept of the car market drastically. They are almost there for self-drive cars and electric cars, and they certainly aren’t stopping there. The new idea of battery-powered cars can’t be ignored any longer. It’s a concept that is set to shift the market further. But, unfortunately, the design and concept of the car aren’t still well articulated. Below, you will find the design concept of the Tesla battery-powered vehicles.


The concept of the car is to enable electric cars to last for a million miles of use. And the company is hoping that the new idea can help electric cars to sell even more profitably. But, of course, the competition, the cars that use gasoline, will have to deal with it like Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is looking to change the market with the idea. The idea for this million-mile battery car was conceived in partnership with China’s Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd. However, the tech was powered by Tesla and battery experts – Musk recruited the experts. Partnering with battery experts around the world will prove to be key in the development of these products. Musk could go on to recruit lithium battery manufacturers in the U.S., or choose to hire a solar battery specialist in Adelaide, either way, he will continue to hire battery specialists to help him achieve his goals.

Tesla and Chinese Market

Tesla, with its partnership with the Chinese company, shook the battery market to a new level. With the partnership, experts expected the prices of EV batteries to go as low as $60 – $80/kWh. When it gets to this point, you will have choices when it comes to battery. You can either go for the automaker battery or the consumer battery. You can go for any bigger battery, and that will take you further. You can also get a battery that’s optimized to last a longer cycle.

Eliminating Cobalt

The new battery used for Tesla is different from the normal batteries that are in use today. The new lithium phosphate battery has no use for cobalt. This is a rare and expensive element that is a massive part of the older batteries. Cobalt prices have taken a deep dive after the economic downturn. The dive was from highs of $95,000 a ton to a new low of $30,000. The key to eliminating cobalt is to get the battery to be far more effective and less expensive when it comes to cars.

Change in Car Ownership

The most significant change that you are likely to see in battery-powered vehicles is car ownership. This can let them serve as Robo-taxis, which can pile the miles while shuttling passengers more efficiently. The idea of Robo-taxis is one that Elon Musk has floated as the future of Tesla’s vision. But, unfortunately, this will dent the idea of car ownership – as people won’t look at car ownership as often.

Tesla and Behind the Scenes of Their Battery-Powered Vehicles

The battery-powered cars from Tesla will change the concept of the car market drastically. When you look at the idea, it will make far cheaper electric-powered vehicles, and the idea of car ownership is about to change too. The concept behind it is far advanced from the ones that may be in use today.

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