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Handling SAP Maintenance Orders
Handling SAP Maintenance Orders


The Challenges and Solutions for Handling SAP Maintenance Orders

SAP systems are famous ERP systems used by many business enterprises. SAP is easy to use and lightens the workload of employees, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their job. But, SAP doesn’t have enough features to effectively take care of the output processes. Especially, when the data and documents have to be collected, converted, bundles, and delivered at various locations. This has to be done manually by the employees which could result in human error and increased stress for the employees involved to finish the task on time.

To help enterprises and employees, there is a solution known as the output management system which is exclusively a comprehensive system for handling the output processes. The output management system can be seamlessly integrated into the existing SAP system by connecting all the application layers and servers.


Processing the SAP maintenance orders is a part of the output management process. It takes care of the crucial steps which cannot be performed by the SAP system. Let us see in detail about what the challenges for the SAP system are how the output management system has solutions to each one of them.

Imagine getting a complete output with all the documents related to the order attached along with the order documents at just a click of a button. Wouldn’t that make it easier for the employees? Wouldn’t it save time for the suppliers or vendors who receive the documents? How good would it be if the documents can be saved in more than one location? Having a printed copy would come in handy while saving a copy in the email or a mobile device would be great for future references. Isn’t it?

Can the SAP system perform any of these tasks? Unfortunately, no! But, the output management system can effectively handle the SAP maintenance orders. And, not a single thing changes for the end user. The entire process runs in the background and provides the final results to the end user who is the employee.

  • Right Addendum Documents
    • In the SAP system, the supplementary information is linked with the master data which has information about the materials, lists, equipment, functional location, production resources, drawings, test procedures, protocols, etc.
    • The output management system analyzes these links to pick and attach the required additional documents that need to go with the order.
    • Using filters as a security system, the confidential and encrypted documents can be kept away from unauthorized access and only the required documents can be attached to the order.
  • Different Filing Locations are No More a Problem
    • It is only natural that data and files would be scattered in numerous locations throughout the enterprise.
    • Irrespective of where the documents are, the output management system will connect the files and objects to the processes.
    • Third party systems can also be integrated to access certain files that might need special systems to access and attach them to the SAP maintenance orders.
  • Compliance Guaranteed
    • All the documents have a timestamp and a digital signature to provide authenticity to them.
    • The process is traced and a record is maintained in metadata which can be accessed in the future if the need arose.
    • The system will find the flaw if anything goes wrong.
  • Distribute the Documents in Multiple Ways
    • Users can choose and switch between various distribution methods.
    • Print the documents at the required printers or send them as email attachments to the suppliers or vendors. Additional information will be included on the endpapers making the distribution easier.
    • Send the data to FTP portals or save them offline in CD/DVDs or shared folders.
    • The data and documents can be sent to a mobile app so that the papers can be checked remotely as well.

The standard SAP procedures are not affected and the document printing will take place before the release of the order. This is applicable to single, multiple, and batch printing. All the forms and documents can be inspected before printing and any changes that need to be made such as adding or removing data or documents can be performed.



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