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The Best Farming Simulator Games for iOS and Android
The Best Farming Simulator Games for iOS and Android

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The Best Farming Simulator Games for iOS and Android

The pandemic came and it changed the way people spend their free time. People were cooped up in their homes and they turned to their electronic devices to pass time. In today’s world, there is rarely a smartphone that doesn’t have a game installed.

Now, not everyone is a fan of shooting and killing or adrenaline-driven games. For these calm-headed and laid-back individuals, you always have the option of good farming mobile games.

The best farming games allow you to create your own little farm and check-in and out for a few minutes on a daily basis and keep the farm running. It will give you something nice to look forward to at the end of the day.

It is crucial to note here that you can use a good VPN for Android or iOS to play the game and get access to new rewards and features. As you can change the server location and take advantage of the newly launched features, even at discounted rates. It also ensures you play at a fast speed as compared to your local server. Download VPN for iPad and other devices today. You can also try out a free trial version before purchasing.

Here are a few games that you can pick up and use with a good VPN for your smartphone to pass your time and get some peace of mind.

1.   Farmville 2

As far as the best farming games go on Android, FarmVille is up there with the best. Developed by Zynga, FarmVille 2 is the sequel to Zynga’s popular farming game FarmVille.

The game gives players numerous options for customizing their farm, including windmills, stables, storage sheds, and gardens, among other things.

Players can also bake food, sow and harvest fresh produce, collect hidden rewards, care for various animals, and even conduct trade and business with friends or partners anonymously while playing. They can also construct a garden.

When playing FarmVille 2, players can choose from a variety of quests, adventures, and challenges to earn rewards. On top of that, they’re able to grow their farm and trade. It can be used even if the internet isn’t connected.

It might not be available in your region and that isn’t a problem because you can always use a free Android VPN on your device to get access to any location restricted game of your choice. You can easily go for VeePN’s free trial and see the usage for yourself.

2.   Big Little Farmer

Big Little Farmer is a highly regarded farm game app, including the iPhone and iPad. It’s one of the very few freemium farming games that can be played without an internet connection and is compatible with a VPN for iOS.

The possibilities are endless: you can dig up the ground, plant crops, raise animals for their milk and eggs, improve and modify your homestead, and sell your wares to help others or make a profit. With each harvest, your chances of progressing up the levels increase.

The game’s controls are simple, and there’s a lot of content to be unlocked. Farmville-style gameplay can be found here. That, on the other hand, is not a deal-breaker. Big Little Farmer is a solid pick for newcomers to the farming genre. This game is made more interesting by the beautiful scenery, stunning graphics, and heart-pounding sound effects.

Big Little Farmer

3.   Hay Day

Developed by SuperCell, Hay Day is an enjoyable simulation of a day at the farm. In 122 countries, Hay Day was the first game of its kind. It is well-known and widely played around the world due to its remarkable and distinctive graphics. It’s undoubtedly one of the best farming games out there.

It’s hard to believe Hay Day, a farming simulation game, was first released in June 2012 for iOS and then in November 2013 for Android. Hay Day’s relevance has been maintained admirably by Supercell, who have ensured that the game is still a fun and easy experience for all players.

Players in Hay Day can go exploring, learn about the plants, and trade goods with their nearby neighbors and acquaintances. When it comes to uniqueness, Hay Day stands out because it is a place where plants never die and animals brighten the mood even more by smiling.

It’s possible for players to expand and personalize their farm by planting crops and new products with their neighbors and friends at roadside stores, filling the truck and even steamboat orders, preparing the harbor, and tossing fishing gear.

4.   Blocky Farm

A casual farming game with arcade elements, Blocky Farm is a lot of fun and one of the best farming games out there. This game is accessible to everyone and is a lot of fun. To progress through the game, all you have to do is travel to various towns and villages. Mobadu is the company behind the game’s creation.

In Blocky Farm, players are immersed in a rural setting. There are numerous game modes included with this title. If you’re playing in the farming mode, you can select from a variety of vehicles to help you get through the challenges.

In addition, the game’s campaign mode gives players access to fantastic world maps, towns, and fields, as well as adorable animals with which to interact and have fun. You have the option to either explore the farm or village or simply relax.

For example, players can use a hay baler, a trailer, and an irrigation machine to earn money by selling crops and earn good scores. They can also use a hay baler, trailer, and irrigation machine to hide their equipment. You can always use it with a good VPN for Android or iOS.

These choices raise the stakes and add value to the game. Players can also take part in challenges and see their names on the leaderboard as a result of their efforts.

There you are, all these cames are compatible with a good VPN for smartphones and count as the best farming games out there.

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