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The best crm systems for startups
The best crm systems for startups


The best CRM systems for startups

Labor made a monkey a man; a business man a diplomat, services for business made a diplomat a successful diplomat. In short, there is nothing better than these useful tools for the head of the company and its employees, which in every possible way make life easier and contribute to honor and prosperity. Here are the best crm systems for startups.


Typical engineering organizations have one big problem – task organization. The huge volume of items that you have to deal with every day must be constantly systematized and analyzed. Who spend half the energy of their employees on what could take literally a matter of minutes? They are:

  • IT companies;
  • design studios;
  • architectural firms;
  • publishing houses;
  • workshops;
  • event agencies;
  • educational projects.

In prehistoric times Excel (was it invented during the time of the pharaohs?) And squared notebooks coped with this. Now it is enough to buy Planiro – it will save time and nerves.

The service provides unlimited storage space. You can upload technical specifications, layouts, samples of contracts into the system – different formats are supported here, the documents themselves will not be lost. There is a notification block where messages about all important work changes are received. You can answer them immediately without being distracted by the constant checking of your mail. Any task can be adjusted to the required framework and adjusted so that the result of the work is effective and fast.

In fact, this service allows you to scatter on the shelves what work to do, what, if desired, everyday. So do not hesitate to throw in reminders from your wife or mistress, nothing will mix. The advantages are obvious: maximum transparency – the state of the project is visible at any time, and ease of management – the program can be implemented in the company without fear that the accounting department or content department wants to hang themselves en masse.


The modern world is so fast that it becomes like a Sims game, in which five minutes pass from the first kiss to the birth of a child. This is what we need: usually, the promotion of a brand / company has to spend a lot of time on various social networks. The key word is “different”, so a tool that somehow integrates these services, and any posting of content does not turn into clicking a bunch of buttons, would be extremely useful.

Onemorepost was created to automatically import images from Instagram directly to VKontakte and other social networks. Users will be able to find your services by keywords and hashtags wherever your company is present. This will greatly help to build an additional interested audience and add popularity to your public channels.

Automatic import occurs in the interval from 1 to 5 minutes after your post on Instagram, and the pictures from there are taken in the best resolution (up to 1080p).


In the twenty-first century, the space around a person is not that narrowed or expanded, but moved into virtual reality. Now all cases are resolved here, on the Internet, in particular, on social networks. True, large companies do not want to rely on them and adapt to other people’s rules, gathering all their employees under the auspices of the private group and introducing them to all the internal news. It lacks the necessary tools, lacks its own atmosphere, and not everyone has an account.

In CyberCloud, you can create your own space, with your own foundations. Here you can assign tasks and monitor the progress of work, establish contact between employees, introduce newcomers to life in the company, and give old people all the necessary information by creating their own Wikipedia.

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