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The Ayurvedic Significance Of Ubtans
The Ayurvedic Significance Of Ubtans

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The Ayurvedic Significance Of Ubtans

Ubtan application is a time-honoured, daily at-home beauty practice that was popular in the past when ready-made cosmetics and services were less widely available. But, in reality, as most Indian children would attest, grandma’s homemade ubtan used to be a much more specific recipe than its contemporary equivalents. So, naturally, more efficient than anything in use now!

A traditional, all-natural alternative to microdermabrasion is called an ubtan. It works by exfoliating the skin’s dead cells, promoting the synthesis of elastin and collagen, and boosting blood flow so that new cells can start to grow. This improves skin texture and lessens the appearance of scars, pigmentation, fine lines, and other signs of ageing. However, in contrast to microdermabrasion, the substances employed in ubtan not only improve the skin’s appearance but also have therapeutic benefits and are chemical-free.

An Ubtan is a potent lymphatic and circulatory stimulant used in Panchakarma that aids in detoxifying. The chemicals are hot in potency and dry and abrasive; when applied to the entire body, they produce the same qualities in the deeper tissues and clear the system of excess congestion, water, stiffness, and obstructions.

The way the massage is performed causes friction to open the pores, allowing the medicinal herbs to enter, liquefy, and scrape away at fat tissue while boosting metabolism. As a result, Ubtan helps with weight loss, cellulite reduction, muscular toning, and subcutaneous fat tissue reduction.

Ubtan is a traditional face mask that gives you the skin of your dreams using natural and ayurvedic components. It provides perfect, bright skin and has long been a popular beauty treatment for upcoming weddings. There are various Ubtan recipes found in India. The natural face pack recipe, packed with beneficial herbs, spices, pulses, and even nuts, can be modified to suit your skin type and cosmetic issues.

The best thing about utilising Ubtan for skincare is that it provides you bright skin from substances that can be found right in your kitchen cupboards instead of emptying your wallet.

Significance of ubtan

Ubtans were initially made using a basis of a coarsely crushed legume, following the 6000-year-old natural medicinal system of Ayurveda. The first stage in Ayurvedic skin care is self-oil massage with a dosha-balancing oil enriched with herbs; the second is ubtan cleaning.

According to Ayurveda, you should customise the ubtan based on your dosha or the particular imbalanced dosha you are currently suffering. For example, use a face ubtan for the Vata dosha at body temperature to warm and hydrate the skin. Pitta facial ubtan, on the other hand, should be used as an excellent paste to calm the skin and eliminate heat-related toxins. The Kapha facial ubtan comes in third and is very effective when used with a warm liquid as it enhances the body’s normal fluid flow.

However, many of us have forgotten the fundamental components of old recipes in favour of contemporary skincare products currently on the market. Consider Haldi before the wedding, for example. The bride and groom must apply ubtan according to tradition. The main ingredient of a conventional Haldi ceremonial ubtan is turmeric, with Sandalwood, Saffron Powder, and Rose Petals also included. If you’re looking for an ayurvedic ubtan, lotus botanicals provide the best quality of the product.

While rose petals contain cooling, relaxing, and hydrating characteristics that moisturise the skin and leave it feeling soft and supple, turmeric is a potent antioxidant. Saffron is believed to balance out skin tone and colour, while Sandalwood is purifying.

How many different kinds of Ubtan exist?

There are numerous varieties of Ubtan, but we’ll focus on a few that are common and well-liked.

Both couples typically use Turmeric Ubtan during the marriage process. As a result, the skin becomes healthy and, in the event of adverse energy effects, is destroyed.

Mustard Ubtan: Applied in the winter, this ubtan eliminates dryness in the skin, keeps the skin supple, opens up all of the body’s hair follicles, and generates fresh energy. The majority of people use it during Holi.

Ash (Bhishma) Ubtan – Lord Shiva himself applies Ash (Bhishma) on his body, which helps to calm anger and eliminate all mental illnesses. However, the scientific foundation of Ash (Bhishma) is incredible and cannot be adequately described here.

Many of these ubtan types and their techniques are still unknown, and other Sanskrit verses remain unsolved or have just been partially completed.

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