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The Adults Guide to Keeping Your Bedroom Tidy
The Adults Guide to Keeping Your Bedroom Tidy

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The Adults Guide to Keeping Your Bedroom Tidy

A clean and tidy bedroom can eliminate stress, anxiety, and bad mood that disrupt the quality of sleep you need. An organized space promotes peace of mind and relaxation, as the bed sheets invite you to lie and call it a day. Creating a more calming and inviting bedroom is easy as long as you follow basic housekeeping tasks and make it a regular habit.

Clear out the clutter on the surface

Desks, vanities, dressers, and nightstands in bedrooms are typical drop zone areas for various objects that clutter and accumulate as days go by. Now is the time to put those objects in their rightful locations.

Also, stop the habit of placing cosmetics, jewelry, eyeglasses, keys, etc., anywhere on these surfaces. Consider putting a decorative tray on top of the dresser or desk to house those frequently-used items.

Organize both your laundry and clean clothes

Pick all the dirty clothes and put them in the laundry basket, and you can see your floor again. If your closet is big enough to put an open bin, do so, avoiding dropping your clothes on the floor, especially while rushing in the morning.

Also, pay attention to your clean laundry that is becoming an eyesore in your bedroom. Take the time to fold or hang them in the closet. Depending on how many clothes you need to put away, all it takes is several minutes to pick clothes and clear the space on the floor.

Avoid creating a storage facility out of your bedroom

Becoming a storage area for all those items that you cannot find a place in your house is not the role of your bedroom. Using your bedroom space like this will make it difficult for you to maintain cleanliness and organization. There are a few techniques to address this problem:

  • Sliding wardrobe doors. You can maximize the space in your bedroom when you use sliding doors for your closet. They are the ideal solution, as you can customize them to match your interior design. If you have a growing shoe or clothing collection, invest in sliding wardrobe doors.
  • When you use shelves for your storage solution, it creates the illusion of a bigger area because you are lifting things from the floor.
  • Hidden storage units. Using hidden storage units will address your problem of having large, unattractive boxes visible in your home.

Dust light fixtures and curtains

Dust collects fast on your window treatment, light fixtures, lampshades, and so on. For this, it is important to dust these areas regularly. You may use a duster for this task or set your vacuum on a low setting. Dusting and getting those curtains and light fixtures clean can also remove allergens in your bedroom.

Strip and remake your bed

Wash and change your sheets regularly. As you clean and organize the rest of your bedroom, include stripping your bed. Remove the bed linens and wash them, including the pillowcases, sheets, or duvet covers.

For your comforter, you only need to wash them occasionally. While the linens are being laundered, isn’t it time to buy new bed sheets and feel nice slipping under them?

Sweep or vacuum?

A spotless bedroom will not be possible if you do not include your flooring. Sweeping the entire floor can get the job done, while mopping is necessary for a seasonal clean. If you have a carpeted bedroom, use a vacuum to remove the dust bunnies.

For your hardwood flooring, take out the rugs, vacuum them, and then sweep the floor. For both methods, reach under the heavy furniture and the bed, as far as you can. You may put those movable or lightweight furniture items on the hallway, like the chairs or side table, as you clean the bedroom floor.

Take out the trash

If you do not have it yet, it is advisable to put a wastebasket in your bedroom. Trash can accumulate fast in your room, whether it is from late snacking, tags from new clothes, office supplies, wipes, or tissue papers.

Make sure to empty your wastebasket as soon as it is full or whenever needed. Always keep extra trash bags nearby that you can use every time you remove the existing bag.

Having a bedroom that you love staying for as long as you want and an atmosphere that you can be proud of is easy to achieve. Consider creating a schedule as a reminder when to do specific tasks. If you make it a habit, cleaning can save you time and energy.

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