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The 5 Essentials You Need to Host Game Night
The 5 Essentials You Need to Host Game Night

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The 5 Essentials You Need to Host Game Night

There’s nothing better than spending an evening with your friends watching the big game! If you want to host your own successful game-night at home, then there are a few essentials that you’re going to need. There’s nothing worse than finding yourself hosting a big party and running out of drinks or seating. Here are 5 game-day essentials that you’ll need if you want to host an amazing game night!

Keep in mind that hosting a fun game night with family and friends doesn’t have to be expensive. If you want to purchase any of the essentials found on our list, choose a budget-friendly retailer like Overstock to avoid paying outrageous prices. Don’t waste a lot of time and energy searching for an Overstock coupon. Check out this featured list for free Overstock promo codes that will allow you to save on your next game-night purchases!

1. A Flat Screen TV

If you’re planning on having a lot of people over for game night, then you’re going to want to have a big flat screen TV. To truly enjoy game night, you’ll need a screen big enough that all your family and friends can watch the game comfortably without squinting from the back of the room.

Remember that sometimes a screen can actually be too big for your space. For most living rooms a mid-size TV that’s between 42 – 45 inches will do. If you want the best game day experience, where you position your TV matters too. Make sure you choose a spot that’s free from window or lamp glare to enjoy the best picture quality.

2. Comfy Seating Options

If you’re going to throw the best game-night party, then you’re going to want to offer enough seating options! If your living room has limited seating, invest in some comfortable folding chairs. Other fun options for portable seating include beanbag chairs and moon pods. You can even spruce up your seating options with decorations from your favorite sports teams to set the game-day mood!

3. Cold Drinks

What would game night be without some cold beverages to enjoy the game with? It’s hard to imagine Sunday night football without a cold beer, so you’ll want a place to keep beverages cold for your guests. While keeping drinks in your fridge is an option, there are a lot of fun ways that you can provide your guests with drinks!

To keep your drinks on ice, consider a cooler or tumbler. Coolers allow you to hold a variety of drink options for your guests while some individual tumblers can keep a drink cool for up to 15 hours. If you want to serve cocktails during the match, consider setting up a bar.

4. Other party games

The reality is that not everyone at your game night will be interested in the match. The best way to make sure that all your guests are entertained is to provide a variety of board games and other activities to keep your non-sports fans friends happy. Games are a great way to pass the time during half-time as well.

5. Game-day Snacks

Your guests can’t live on beer alone – eventually you’re going to need to feed them! Some matches and games can last for over 3 hours so you’re going to want to keep lots of snacks on hand to keep your guests from getting hungry.

If you’re not a big cook or are short on time, try a slow cooker or an instant pot! There are many free recipes that you can find online that involve throwing a bunch of ingredients into the pot, waiting for a few hours, and then serving your guests. If you have to feed a large crowd, make sure you use at least a 5-qt pot to make sure you have enough food for everyone.

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